The below extract is from an online forum. I can’t remember which one. It would have been from a while back when I was collecting GTS clients. 

Geez there’s a lot more than I remember there being.  Everyone is bent as a banana.

Emgoldex Ponzi - extract from online forum  

  1. Re: Emgoldex, pyramid scam or real opportunity?

    See message Casualman

    Hi, I just want to clarify a point, which I copy of your text, and bump in quotes:

    pirmidal system:
    A) There is no product or shoddy
    "When you enter not have any product or service that really matter what you are paying" , your product can be of poor quality or simply is not the company. Only handle money, products or services worthwhile.
    Emgoldex system:
    A) Emgoldex products are ingots of 24 carat gold.
    when you enter do not have ... in 24 carat gold bullion corresponding to 540 euros ( or 500 by removing the commission), but the amount of 32.20 euros, ie 1 gram of gold. I think that 1 gram of gold use it as a requirement to say yes sell a product, but is almost nonexistent, because for 500 euros should give you something like 16 grams.
    So in this part itself to a pyramid scheme it seems, no?
    what public with all due respect, I am interested in the company and in fact I checked, but Auno make the deposit because I have many doubts.
    it is true that you get the money because close friends I have confirmed it , but actually, after studying where the money goes, I think it is a pyramid showing the characteristics according to the company.
    'as for the company addresses, for the simple deposit to my shows me 2 options bank for payment, which entry not accept amounts below 546 and 550 euros respectively, and involves a few euros more.
    the first option:
    Correspondent Bank: UniCredit SpA, MILAN
    Correspondent Bank SWIFT: UNCRITMM
    Beneficiary Bank: UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and SLOVAKIA
    Address Bank : Sancova 1 / A, 813 33 Bratislava, Slovenska republika
    Beneficiary: Emgoldex DMCC Trade
    Beneficiary Address: Unit No. 705, Indigo Tower, Plot No. D1, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Beneficiary Account: SK8811110000001244202009
    payment Amount: 550.00 EUR
    payment Details: Proforma invoice BX148-232-487

    the second:
    Bank address: Oddzial w Warszawie III ul. Czackiego T. 21/23, 00-950 Warszawa, POLAND
    Beneficiary: Global Transaction Services LLC 
    Beneficiary Address: 1841 Piedmont Road, Suite 202, Marietta, Georgia, USA
    Beneficiary Account: PL85124069600403009120086701
    Payment Amount: 546.00 EUR

    With this I do not mean to be a fraud, only that it would be far more reliable than the data were from Germany, since say Emgoldex is regulated by strict laws of that country, and / or failing in Dubai. But in both directions a mixture of Italy, Poland, Czech Rep, USA and UAE appears.