I heard about this guy Fred. He had US$2M held with #crytpocapital and brought 2M UST said it was the smoothest transaction ever. Just instructed CCC to transfer the US2$ to #bitfinex account and bitfinex transferred 2M USD

Fred had a good old chuckle that while he has his shiny UDT his funds were nicked for safekeeping before poor old #bitfinex had a chance to spend it.

But what Fred didn't think was funny is all the FUD. Most of all Fred got very angry when the devious #NYAG started to interfere in #bitfinex business. After all Fred holds Tether and doesn't see a problem with paying 26% more for a Tether than its worth.

Fred got pissed with #NYAG demands. You cant force a group to run unprofitably That's stupid. Fred was relieved (for the ecosystem) to find out that #tether lent $600m and slept much better when it was increased to $900m. Turns out Fred was really worried about the ecosystem.

Right now Fred is bubbling with joy. He was first in line to buy 2M of #LEO.

Fred does wonder what Leo actually is or how he can make a return. The amazing feeling of being able to support the best actors in the space is reward enough.

Last thing Fred said was that he has heard that #tether has at arms length made a decision to accept #LEO in settlement of their loan.

Fred is estatic and the jokes on #NYAG as LEO is now worth 3x so Tether is now backed 150%.

Best actors in the space making the most astute decision. The crypto world is safe.

The thing is Fred is #FakeNews Just like the cash Fred transferred to #cryptocapital.

The rest is #True