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vcravid 1 months ago 131 likes 23 comments
Walking into 2019 like... I couldn't have asked for a better 2018. Made some major changes in my life. Traveled often and get to spend everyday with the people I love most. Theme for the year was family first and I'm looking forward to growing our family in 2019.
4 months ago 147 likes 26 comments
Went to the "cotton castle" today...
@vcravid 6 months ago
That one time we celebrated the union of two of my faves with some of my other faves..
Tel Aviv, Israel
7 months ago
Annual birthday post: Year 35 is over.. Lots of major changes this year. I'm grateful for all the lessons learned, people met, and mostly for my family.
Saint Basil's Cathedral
8 months ago 74 likes 5 comments
I realized I don't post in my feed anymore... Here's one from Moscow today. More in my stories.
Tel Aviv, Israel
1 years ago 91 likes 8 comments
I can safely say, nothing went the way I planned in 2017. It was a hard year on my health, heart and mind. I'm seeing this theme across my timeline today. Here's to a better 2018 for all.
The Treasury At Petra
1 years ago 105 likes 12 comments
Went to Petra today! More photos in my story...
Santa Monica, California
1 years ago 107 likes 12 comments
Because it's been a while since I last "posted"... Happy Saturday! #cheesin #smile
@vcravid 1 years ago 76 likes 6 comments
Happy Sunday....
Tel Aviv, Israel
1 years ago 54 likes 2 comments
When the sun hits the ocean I get a sense of calm and the world slows down.

Jerusalem, The Old City
1 years ago 52 likes 4 comments
Had to come here on my last day...
Beit `Oved
1 years ago 41 likes 0 comments
Cousins | Primos | בני דודים Just a few of us...
Tel Aviv, Israel
1 years ago 65 likes 1 comments
Mediterranean Sea vibes...
Tel Aviv City
1 years ago 74 likes 12 comments
Grateful to celebrate and reflect on another crazy year on this Earth. #thisis35
Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angel...
1 years ago 54 likes 0 comments