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1A. Overseas binary option dealer preface

This item summarizes information on overseas binary option dealers considered to be a violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

There are a lot of damage reports such as not being able to withdraw money if you make an account to overseas binary option dealer, not reflected in account even if deposit, charts are illegally operated and can not win, warning from public institution etc It is repeated. I think that it was around 2014 that many illegal dealers who seemed to be frauds in particular were plagued and there were many damage.

Initially it was common to solicit by soliciting writes that can make a profit if you do the following binary options on the net bulletin board etc.

There were also situations where sites such as the popular ranking where dubious suppliers who can pay high rewards by recruiting affiliators come up to collect customers of illegal contractors. Even now there seems to be a dubious comparative site aimed at such affiliate fee.

However, the majority of illegal Japanese overseas binary option sites that had been confirmed to exist over 150 peaked past the peak and were closed one after another. For example, YBinary.com ( Wy binary www.ybinary.com ) has probably been closed due to the following announcement after entering in 2018 probably.

If all illegal sites are closed as it is, the verification of an illegal binary option dealer originally put out in Yahoo Wisdom notes was thought whether there is a problem by euthanasia as it is after the wisdom note service ended , Unfortunately the number of illegal sites has decreased, but the activities of the remaining sites are not declining. However, there are changes in the method of solicitation.

Specifically, recently not only binary options but also FX etc. are included, SNS such as Twitter and Instagram etc is strongly used as a means of solicitation. For example , a fraud group called Opile is an automated buying and selling business that attracts interest by uploading high-priced images such as banknotes and luxury watches or parties at high-rise apartments to SNS and taught specially how to make profitable It seems that they were conducting recruitment with a set of trading tools for illegal overseas dealers set aside. A way to make such an atmosphere that can make them rich is not only limited to opsiles but also people who imitate them probably have appeared and expanded, and it seems that words such as "Atmosphere Commercial Law" or "Longing Commercial Law" are also born. For example, if you search Instagram with "# binary option", you will see many images such as the bundle, luxury car, brand name mountain, overseas travel, party etc. as shown on the right. Or it seems that images of young handsome men or young beautiful women who self- nominate authors such as dating commercial intention are also classic. And about this "Atmosphere Commercial Law" or "Longing Commercial Law", it is also an article at the news site.

MLM spreading widely to young people (NIKKEI STYLE Article on July 22, 2015)

It seems that the lecture and lecture invitations that make it sure to win, such as software that will always be able to earn a high winning percentage that can be profitable, are solicited also in the Mizumi class method. Of course, it goes without saying that there is never anything we can do for profitable even using such automatic buying and selling tools. It is a routine course not only to lose the software fee which is not useful for anything, but also to lose the funds transferred to the illegal business without being able to withdraw money.

New Fraud Damage Continuation (Hebei Shimpo article on 20th June 2017)

As it is becoming a situation where it can not be thought that the dubious solicitation of this hand will disappear in this short period as it is, this site also decided to restore the verification which had done with Yahoo wisdom note for the first time in almost one year. Many of the closed sites have also deleted the verification, but even on the site that is closed it has been verified for the sites related to the site currently open.

I hope it will lead to prevention of fraud damage even a little.