News (Kabar ) VGMC in Year (Tahun ) 2015 ( Februari )

Monday, 25 April 2016

News From VGMC 2015

Dear Mr. Nursaid,
I am trying to help investors in this matter - I detail questions below which are helpful and may be used to try and recover money for investors. I also attach a Proxy Form for the AGM on February 20th. - please appoint me, David John Mapley, Director, to vote for 100% of your x (state how many) shares, at the meeting.
I am a director of APGMI since April 2014, and have discovered some serious issues :-
- the company was set up by Julie Cook in early 2013, sister of the Chairman Bryan Cook (
- Bryan Cook was arrested by the German prosecutors in Stuttgart in May 2014 and is still held on charges of market manipulation and serious fraud, pending his trial. This concerns a company listed on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.
- Thomas Yi, CEO owned 100% of London Capital Advisers in Hong Kong, is the sole shareholder, and was gifted 100,000,000 shares by Julie Cook in early 2013.
- London Capital NZ listed APGMI on the GXG in London, then posted a fictitious trade at a fictitious price of GBP 2.33 per shares on 15 July 2013 - this meant that Thomas Yi now held shares worth GBP 233 million.
- in 2014 Thomas Yi sold almost 18 million shares of APGMI to investors.
- the 2013 audit and the Directors value the company at $2-3 million as a young start-up, or GBP 0.02 per share, not GBP 2.33
(The directors reduced the price in September 2014 and are trying to reduce it to very low levels right now as a fair value..)
The Board of Directors are now fighting London Capital, whom we suspect of committing multiple investor fraud.
Can you please answer the questions below and send back to me - if you know of other investors pls forward this email to them. THIS IS URGENT IN TRYING TO HELP YOU..
Thank you
David Mapley
Questions - Virgin Gold Mining Corporation
Did you invest in VGMC (if no, go to Questions - APGMI) - Yes / No
How much did you invest?
How many shares did you receive?
Approximate date of investment(s)?
Where and what name was the bank account where you sent your money (eg London Capital NZ, BRE bank in Poland?
Did you visit Nauer Corporate Services in London?
Where you offered a switch into APGMI by STPC?
Where you charged a fee for admin - if so, how much?
Questions - APGMI
If not a VGMC investor, how did you learn about APGMI or how were you approached to invest?
What month/year did you become a shareholder?
Did you receive a share certificate? (if so pls provide a certificate number)
How many shares did you receive?
What was the price of the shares, per share?
Where you told the shares were restricted from sale, and if so till what year?
Where and what name was the bank account where you sent your money (eg London Capital NZ, Mbank in Poland?
Your help is appreciated, I will continue to try to help you, even if I am voted off the Board of Directors on Feb 20th. by Thomas Yi of London Capital Advisers, who still owns 82% of APGMI.
Pls send this email to anyone who is a shareholder....
JM Investment Advisors SA,
Avenue Reverdil 8-10, Nyon 1260,