This site is a site based on the contents which made the information about the dangerous investment destination which had previously been disclosed at the Yahoo wisdom note (end of service in November 2017) with post ID called ado 1066 aet revived for almost one year. As for the verification concerning the virtual currency investment which had gained momentum among items examined by the wisdom note, since it had been quickly restored at another site called "virtual currency (encryption currency)" , this site is sister It will be called a site.

And, especially on this site, we mainly deal with unregistered illegal contractors that are not registered, as stipulated in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, especially for binary options, FX. Japanese legislation requires that foreign financial institutions register with Japan's Financial Services Agency and comply with Japanese regulations if they are to actively invite investment from Japan by establishing a Japanese site It is. For example, if you are a binary option you can only make a decision once every two hours, if you are an FX dealer you have to accept the same regulations as a domestic dealer with a maximum leverage of 25 times.

When this regulation was implemented several abroad traders withdrew from Japan abandoning accepting Japanese regulations. However, there are also companies that maintain Japanese sites and ignore this regulation, etc. There are also companies that are starting up a new site, etc. The site itself is a foreign company that is actively soliciting solicitation in Japan even if it is not Japanese There seems to be existence as well. Even if it is an overseas dealer, it seems that overseas traders exist only in nominal terms that actually only seems to be absent in business overseas. Naturally it is impossible to expect forward spirit or moral for overseas traders ignoring Japanese laws and regulations, overseas dealers who do not actually have overseas entities, nominal overseas dealers, they will be the schedule of investment fraud There seems to be not a few examples.

In fact, in the case of ghostly overseas businesses that do not have overseas bases, there is an intention of illegal act from the beginning, and maybe that the nominal location is overseas to avoid pursuit of the victim and criminal investigation You can also think.

Naturally, in response to reports such as fraud damage, the Financial Services Agency will publish a list of illegal unregistered traders based on information received from victims, etc. in addition to the list of registrants, in some cases fraud damage We are also disclosing information that it is out.

Unfortunately, the list of illegal contractors issued by the Financial Services Agency published is incomplete and warnings are issued after many victims have occurred as it seems to be based on information from the victims It seems that there are times when a new fraudulent site is launched when a warning is issued.



Therefore, the main purpose of this site is to gather concrete information on unregistered dealers who seems to be at high risk, to verify it, and to call attention to prevent fraud damage and the like. In addition, even though it is an investment related site at this site, there is no guidance or recommendation of a specific investment case at all, there is no affiliate link. In other words, it is not launching this site to gain any profit, and it is a site that is not useful at all for those who are looking for favorable investment deals.

Since it is not enough space and time to cover all the investment frauds, we currently deal only with "foreign binary option agent" and "overseas FX trader", but we may expand the scope in the future in the future. Still, there are many traders dealing considerably so please make use of the search function in the site.