Registered overseas remittance trader verification 1

This page verifies the following. The site with is already closed site.

LIDYARICH (Lydia Rich ) Current site name is Liri Financial Limited

LIDYARICH (Lydia Rich ) Current site name is Liri Financial Limited

This is the verification of the remittance company, but this is the remittance company called Lydia Rich, the beginning which made me realize the importance of the remittance company. Many victims seem to have come out, many lots of dealers that seems to be many frauds, mainly Lydia Rich, were made. This site verifies a large number of illegal overseas binary option contractors and overseas FX traders, but there are so many illegal sites, and as a reason for reporting fraud damage for a considerable part of them There is a circumstance that one group seems to have launched multiple fraud sites. For binary option frauds, there was an example that one group seemed to have launched multiple fraud sites, but the same composition can be seen for FX fraud.
And the most obvious example is called the Lydia Rich line. For example, in the following article , the subject whose victims' association is suffering more than 800 million yen is Lydia Rich.

I think that Lydia Rich shows the importance of Lydia Ricci that it was called as a remittance company which is only a supporting role in investment fraud itself, but was named "Lydia Rich series". And among the FX companies that seems to be the Lydia Rich line among the companies we examined in this paper, the following 13 companies are listed. Most of them are closed sites.

Blue Ocean Forex (Blue Ocean Forex )
Century FOREX (Century Forex )
FOX FOREX (Fox Forex
iTrader FX (eye Trader FX )
RealMaterial FX (Real Material FX )
THINKS CO., LTD (sync securities
Trade Forex (Trade Forex )
UlutiaFX (Ultia FX )

Furthermore, the following traders are also likely to have the same lineage.

● FOREX HEART (Forex · Heart )
Forex Systems (Forex Systems, Forex S Securities )
● Lion Sight Treasury (Lion Site Treasury

Of these, for example, Sync Securities seems to have already closed the site, but the remittance method "i-Account" was recommended. And this "i-Account" is a company called Lydia Rich as shown in the description cap which was on the site of Synk Securities shown below.

The same remittance method is also recommended for Blue Ocean Forex, Century Forex, Fox Forex, FXXX, Eye Trader FX, MXT FX, Seven FX, Sonic FX, Trade Forex, Ultia FX, VB I reference). I can not find the statement that i-Account can be used for Real Material FX, but this is operated by a company called "STAR MATERIAL" the same as Eye Trader, and there is no doubt in the line of Lydia rich line.

In investment fraud, it is expected that it will be a big problem to open a bank account or register a credit card company, but this fraud group can avoid this problem by launching its own remittance system company and using it It seems to be doing. By the way, Lydia Rich has been registered in New Zealand where the examination of company registration is sweet , and its representative is a name that seems to be Japanese like "Hiroyuki Honda".

※ Lydia Rich has changed its name on December 17th, 2015, it seems that it is now a company name LIRI FINACIAL.

The site also has the URL address as it is, but it is changing to the site of Liri Financial Limited. However, updating seems to be stopped, and there is almost no access.

And, for example , the eye trader FX picked up in "FX vendor verification 5" and the real company Material Asset Management (Star Material Asset Management) verified by "FX vendor verification 7" etc are registered in New Zealand as well as this Lydia Rich The representative is a person whose name is Japanese who lives in Japan. For detailed verification, refer to each verification.

By the way it should be a company in New Zealand but the server is in Hong Kong.

If you look at Lydia Rich's contact information, there is no phone number with only the address and e-mail address.
It is very doubtful whether the company exists in New Zealand. And according to Yahoo Chiebukuro post , Lydia Rich seems to have suddenly frozen accounts. I can not trust it at all. Furthermore, FX traders who are supposed to be Lydia rich line already closed site are confirmed on the net.

■ CleanUP FX ( )
■ FXVIVI ( )
■ Melchior FX ( )
■ Trade Forex Limited ( )
■ Preimium FX ( )

Actually, the fraud of the Lydia Rich line is not limited only to FX traders. For example, although it is already a site that has already been closed i-Account also appeared in binary option contractors such as Binaryserviceprovider (binary service provider), EZ Option (EZ option), Friends Option (friends option), Binary Victory (binary victory) . The following is a cap from the Friends Option, but it seems to be induced to transfer money to the account of the person living in Hong Kong in the bank of Shanghai. I am supposed to be a New Zealand company, but I do not understand why it is a Chinese bank account.

Similarly, "Hojo BC System", "Japan Technology Systems", "Heritage Japan" and "Beluga Asia (BELEGA ASIA " etc., which were reported as damages by Chiebukuro, You can find a large amount of description on the net that it is due to. For example, at the site of Lydia Rich Victims 'Association / Overseas FX Fraud Victims' Association site ( ) there is a list shown in the right cap.

By the way, in the posting of Chiebuku about "Beluga Asia", we also explained some "Hojo BC system" in supplementary answers.

I will explain a bit about "Japan Technology" and "Heritage" below.

Furthermore, there are possibilities of several virtual currencies such as Louis Private Advisory Salon (Louis Private Advisory Salon), Valhalla Private Club (Valhalla Private Club), as well as several virtual currencies such as Ocean Coin and Planet Coin.

For Ocean Coin and Planet Coin, please refer to the following page of sister site, "Dry evaluation of virtual currency (encryption currency)" respectively .

It seems like a very malicious fraud group so we need strict caution.

According to the Sankei Shimbun article in December 2016, it seems that the Japanese group that operated FOX FOREX (Fox Forex foxforex - which is considered as a Lydia Rich affiliate was registered under the Osaka Prefectural Police Department .

It seems that the Japanese group was actually the actual source of operation. I hope that the breakthrough will clarify the actual state of investment fraud, including many other fraud companies.