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  • I am amused at how certain publications simply copy "news" that was and then call it news again without adding anything extra. Don't believe everything you read in these tabloid style publications. Shezi did say the R30 million account was not his. He did not say that it didn't belong to someone at GFI. Yes someone did die as a result of trying to rob me in the street with a knife and a friend. I punched him once and if the situation came up again I would do exactly the same thing. Dealing drugs lol People who know me know how absurd that is, but when given the opportunity of a reduced sentence for pleading guilty to all charges, I did what most people would. I sucked up my pride and took the deal by pleading guilty.
    What does this have to do with the fact that I helped a young man from a disadvantaged background become a millionaire and uplift his community by passing on the skills that I gave to him? About just as much as there is news in articles like these.
    David George van der Riet