Tether GFY Coin (previous masmasquerading as a stable coin)

A summary of my most recent Tether rant on Twitter

When #Tether did their cheeky little disclosure (about how they may from time to time might enter into loans with affiliates aka loans against Tethers issued and hold shitty assets that they book to their 'Tether reserves').

I took a peak at Legal page and only got as far as we only want your "money" and definitely don't want your shitcoins, apart from noticing that "money" was undefined (yet Fiat is) I couldn't be arsed reading anymore .

But the statement "only money will be accepted upon issuance" kept bugging me, mainly because I found it so arrogant that we will give you a shitcoin for your money but won't except well because they know they are shit. After all they try their best to make sure they never have to redeem their own shitcoin.

So I thought I'd do a compare of the new Legal page and the previous legal page (26 Feb 2019 and the previous page 27 Nov 2019.

PDF of the combined documents below

Download PDF