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#FINANCIAL Services Minister Ryan Pinder was never committed to making personal sacrifices in the name of public service, Democratic National Alliance Deputy Leader Chris Mortimer suggested yesterday.

#Mr Pinder will leave his Cabinet post at the end of this month to take up a position as a senior executive of Deltec Bank.

#The Elizabeth MP has described his new appointment as a "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

#In a press statement issued yesterday, Mr Mortimer raised concerns about the ethical implications of his departure and used it as an example of why leaders should choose committed people for top public posts.

#"Many Bahamians will remember the somewhat dubious circumstances under which Pinder first entered frontline politics in this country," Mr Mortimer said.

#"A former US tax attorney, Pinder renounced his US citizenship and in doing so pledged his commitment to public service in this country and specifically to the residents of the Elizabeth constituency who supported him wholeheartedly and elected him to office twice, first as an opposition MP and then again into government.

#"After pledging his commitment in the service of the country, and ascending to the post of cabinet minister, Mr Pinder has chosen to turn his back on that commitment in favour of what he is calling the opportunity of a lifetime. Clearly for Pinder, Deltec’s offer trumped the opportunity to serve his country, shape policy and influence the economic and financial future of the nation."

#Mr Mortimer said a major question arising from Mr Pinder’s resignation is: "Whose interest does it serve for a former cabinet minister, formerly responsible for regulating the financial services sector, to then join one of the very companies he had been mandated to regulate?

#"Further, did Deltec court the minister for this position while he was still serving in cabinet? While he still had access to sensitive government plans for the sector, and if so were they given a preview of those plans?" Mr Mortimer asked. "If so," he said, it was his opinion that "this would not only be unethical but would also seemingly give Deltec an advantage over its competitors."

#Mr Mortimer also asked what will become of the initiatives Mr Pinder was overseeing as minister, including the issue of the country’s accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

#"For months, Pinder has spearheaded the talks with international officials and has been responsible for the – albeit – limited public proclamations on the issue," Mr Mortimer said.

#"Pinder’s resignation also highlights the need for discretion when choosing individuals to serve in public office. Such a decision should never be taken lightly. Taking on the responsibilities of public service often requires great personal sacrifice, including giving up more lucrative positions in order to affect change. It is a commitment that is also taken on by that individual’s family as well.

#"While the final decision is indeed Mr Pinder’s to make, it certainly seems to send the message that he was no longer prepared to make the personal sacrifices necessary to fulfil his original commitment. I encourage any and all individuals considering public life to fully weigh the decision beforehand."

#He added: "And what of Mr. Pinder’s decision to remain in parliament? How will his new duties affect his ability to serve his constituents? These answers are owed to his constituents and to the wider Bahamian public. What this country needs are leaders who understand the idea of sacrifice. Leaders who are prepared to go without so that the entire country can benefit, leaders who are in it for the long haul, and not easily swayed by the offer of a big pay day."

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PastorTroy 7 years, 11 months ago

The "chance of a lifetime" for Mr. Pinder was not really the money, it's becoming part of the Bahamas Shadow Government, Th secret movers & shakers of our economy. The Country's Untouchable Rich, Famous, Elites. This is obviously where he 'feels' he belong, Constituents in Elizabeth Estates was just the vehicle to get his foot in the door and to learn, copy, write etc all the rules from within the Bahamas Financial Sector. Let's be honest, 'It's the American way!' Money is power, but money and power equals the control of the majority, hence, the country. It's all part of Fascism. While Bahamians were dancing and celebrating and voting because of a political party's colors and not the issues or the person, this American man was being groomed by fellow Bahamian and foreign millionaires and Billionaires (yes with a 'B') into Bahamian politics.The General Bahamian public, the uneducated, heavily indoctrinated, the babymamas and daddies, the corrupt and connected politicians in BOTH major parties have not really grasp the mess we're (Bahamas) in. Not having a detail plan to use the funds from tourism and the SHAM "war on Drugs aka Black Men/Black Communities) from other countries to properly educate every citizen in the Commonwealth Of The Bahamas will be to our up and coming demise. We have been using funds from "the war on drugs" to lock up more and disenfranchise even more, who, eventually return to the same society 2 months later more disenfranchised, more angry and more street knowledge & Crime Connected! While, this is common in many countries especially the good ole US of A, it's all an illusion, Black men HAVE NEVER, AND WILL NEVER CONTROL THE DRUG TRADE IN ANY COUNTRY! (including The Bahamas) Why? Because the return on the investment to too great! among many other things. We have been duped! now we are dealing with the crime and the mess while, this same drug is rapidly becoming legal both recreationally and medically in the same country we received millions from to kill, disenfranchise, imprison our young people and destroy our communities! The cannabis business, now semi- legal, appears to be 'just now' saturated by those with much, much lighter pigmentation, IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY! (see the movie KILL THE MESSENGER) I DO NOT use drugs, legal or illegal, this is just my personal observation. THE RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY IN THE BAHAMAS IS A FAILURE ON THE WAR ON DRUGS AND EDUCATION!!!! They are part of the problem, when citizen become 'too educated' Politically they are more difficult to control and spiritually their eyes are open to the truth about TODAY'S religion. I see many more like Mr. Pinder doing the same, it's the essence of fascism, sorry Capitalism.


JJSherman 7 years, 11 months ago

Pastor Troy:

First of all I have to commend you for your boldness and honest to God truth, not only have you spoken the truth you have indeed shame the Devil. What you are speaking about what our nation is going through and the behavior of it's citizens and so called leaders are so true, and this is why I left. Pastor Troy unless failures and sins are admittedly confessed to our God, and in turn asking His forgiveness, nothing is ever going to change. I reside in CA and I go online and read all of the troubling news about the murders, and the behavior that is carrying on in the country and it burdens my heart knowing that there is so much unnecessary pain is being afflicted upon the country while to me it seems as though the Government is turning the other check as in ignoring how this paradise on earth is going down into the gutter. Pastor Troy all I can say is that where the Bahamas is headed is because what the Government is doing is not right in the eyes of the Lord, and I say to you, when they begin to do right by God's people and fall to their knees asking for His forgiveness and for the forgiveness from the citizens then God's mercy will fall upon the Bahamas and it's citizens especially the ones who are suffering from the conditions of what is going on in the country. Pastor Troy I have been asked by certain relatives when am I coming home, and I reply never and my reason for this is when I was home I was rejected and neglected, and so I move to a country where I didn't have anyone, to allow the Lord to supply all of my needs, knowing that I had to lean upon Him and Him alone and not on the families that I thought was supposed to care for me and love me. Don't get me wrong, Pastor Troy, I love my country, but the way I was treated by the so called families, I allowed my heart and my desire to ever want to step foot on the land of a place where I was never loved. I will continue to pray for our paradise on earth that so many people from different parts of the world has the desire to live and visit, and I will continue to pray that the Lord will send Angels to our leaders like He did to the shepherds in the fields attending their sheeps about the Christ child. Will they change, I don't know but only through prayers they can there is a nation if Africa, and Mexico where there was so much corruption that the people allowed their fears to die and the march upon the streets and call out to the Lord and the bad men throw down their weapons and got rid of their drugs and turn to the crowds that was crying out to the Lord, I feel this too can be done by the citizens, near and far if they would allow the Lord to take control and not throw stones, but trust in Him like the never have before. Have a blessed day in the Lord, and keep on speaking truth. JJ


Girly 7 years, 11 months ago

One thing I can say.You will NEVER EVER get a Haitian,Jamaican,Chinese,Phillipino etc to ever talk bad about their country or people.But you will always have that one disloyal Bahamian who is always ready to talk smack and down grade their own without giving positive solutions.You would always have that one Bahamian willing to jump ship and change their accent as soon as they jump off the plane.You will always have that one Bahamian who always sees the murders etc in their country from another land and not see from where they are comfortable eg Police officers shooting innocent victims.Until you come back to this blessed land to contribute positively and feel what we are going through here and now please do us a favor and leave us still remaining contributing Bahamians alone.God loves his people and will never give up on us.He will never abandon us.You may not want to believe it but there are still some praying people in this land and this is why we have not sunken as yet even though some people may want us to. Just like how you are saying that Bahamians need to ask GOD for forgiveness.You need to pray to GOD and ask him to help you to forgive those family members and other people that hurt you so badly and take un forgiveness out of your heart so that you can heal and they can heal.It goes both ways.


PastorTroy 7 years, 11 months ago

@JJSherman, I sympathize with you and your personal and family situation, however, I think you mis read my post. I was not referring to the general Bahamian public as bad, I was highlighting, the cause and effect of a broken Educational system, rampant political cronyism and now heavy outside foreign influence with deep pockets. I am aware The Bahamas have its challenges, however, challenges are everywhere. I hope you find peace within your daily walk and find the courage to face those who hurt you and not run away. Good Luck!


jt 7 years, 11 months ago

Wow, thanks for today's dose of crazy!


duppyVAT 7 years, 11 months ago

PastorTroy and JJSherman are prime examples of quitters and losers ..... do not find fault with Lying Ryan ........ while you cower in the USA. Enjoy your new abode and while you are at it renounce your Bahamian citizenship for our sakes.


PastorTroy 7 years, 11 months ago

Like I said in the previous post, GOOD EDUCATION for ALL Bahamians. To think or suggest that I "not find fault with Lying Ryan" is a serious mis read or judgement on your part. I have not or never will take you or anyone's recommendation as it relates to my citizenship under any consideration whatsoever. What's amazing is, 100% of my post was for the bettering of The Bahamas and how WE are are being taken advantage of by outside influence and money, if for that reason am a loser, so be it. I am a husband, a father and choose to live where I desire. While I cannot and will not speak for JJSherman, I positively represent my country while I live simultaneously in the Bahamas & The US. Just to make it obviously clear, I DO NOT agree with Mr. Ryan's decision, personally, like here in the USA, this IS the problem with politicians! However, I was just highlighting why his departure from the financial services was a 'no brainer', THIS IS WHAT CORRUPT, SELFISH, CAPITALIST POLITICIANS DO! This is what the voters have to now seriously consider when voting, regardless of party color. When Bahamians start to think differently, become more knowledgeable, more educated etc, we do not need to renounce our citizenship, we should encourage other to think outside that narrow mindedness. I don't know who you are, however I can see by your username you have some passion for the 'smaller man', I do too, we may not live or speak or express or message the same, however, we seem to have something in common. We do not need a confrontational and offensive name calling, divide and rule is already present, WE NEED TOGETHERNESS.


JB357 7 years, 11 months ago

This move may bring about new legislation on this issue.


duppyVAT 7 years, 11 months ago

WWCMD .......... What Would Chris Mortimer Do???????????


ObserverOfChaos 7 years, 11 months ago

Then again maybe he's just tired of the bulls*** that the politicians are dishing out to the Bahamians and wants to distance himself from it....


Observer 7 years, 11 months ago

Is Mortimer associated with Michaelson, the defendant in two fraud accusations before the courts in Bahamas? Hope we got the spelling of the name correct.


Observer 7 years, 11 months ago

Correction; name of the man is Jean Paul Michelsen.


duppyVAT 7 years, 11 months ago

The DNA crew have their own share of skeletons in the closet ......... like Observer said ......... this guy just got put before the court for fraud ...... The people looking to lead us have the wrong motives


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