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Labuan Ready Made Shelf Company - Labuan Company Formation | Ready Made Shelf Company

ReadyMadeLabuan Ready Made Shelf Company

Labuan Ready Made Shelf Company

Tax Status: Mixed Onshore / Offshore. No Tax if correctly structured.

Advantages: Labuan company formation is, if properly structured, a legitimately tax-exempt way of conducting international business. Furthermore, as part of Malaysia, a Labuan company can access the double tax treaties Malaysia has signed with a range of countries.

Disadvantages:  To qualify as legally tax-exempt, a Labuan company which is trading is required to pay a fixed sum of RM20,000 (US$5,650).

Directors and Shareholders:  Labuan Companies may have local or foreign Directors and Shareholders We have Personal and Corporate Nominee Directors and Shareholders available for our shelf companies on a case by case basis only.

Banking: The banking system consists of Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia), banking institutions (commercial banks, finance companies, merchant banks and Islamic banks) and a miscellaneous group. Labuan is presently attracting additional Islamic banking ventures to its jurisdiction.

Accounting Requirements: While there is no tax payable on profit if the company is correctly structured, there is a comprehensive tax structure, which will require local expertise to navigate. For general information, visit the Labuan Inland Revenue Department website

Annual Requirements: There is an annual fee payable for maintaining a Labuan Company and an Annual Company Return and Tax Return must be filed, plus costs for Registered Office / Agent, Nominee Directors and Shareholders, plus accounting costs.

Recommended Use: We recommend Labuan as a place to set up an internationally trading business, or for tax planning, perhaps of particular interest for Businesses based on Islamic principals.

Due Diligence: To comply with legal requirements in your jurisdiction of choice, before we can supply any ready-made ‘shelf’ or pre-incorporated Company, IBC or LLC to you, we will require identification of the beneficial owner such as passport copy and proof of address. Specific details will be provided upon application, depending on your full requirements.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that we do not give legal advice. We assist to incorporate and maintain companies, sell pre-existing or ready-made shelf companies and provide nominee directors and shareholders. We accept no responsibility or liability for the actions of those operating the companies that we sell. Liability and responsibility remains with the beneficial owner or end user of the company.

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