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What is it? Most likely a Ponzi scheme starting with marketing hype, copy and paste HYIP.

HYIP Scheme: Collect more than the amount of investment withdrawals and keep the gig going.

SingliForex offers managed accounts through the companies listed below. The trading performance is excellent and looks as if we can all join the holy grail today. Is it too good to be true?

Red Flag

Normally when you see a Forex Brokerage offer managed accounts it is a red flag of caution unless the managed accounts are independently managed by real traders that you actually know. It is too often to see Forex Brokerages being opened to solely manipulate their trading history to get investors ( starting of the ponzi). By falsifying the trading performance the Forex Brokerage can convince you to invest with them. Once you send your investment capital to the brokerage, they have just started the ponzi scheme.

Investment Fraud take time to unravel

These are the steps of a time-lined Ponzi Scheme.

  1. Broker will showcase manipulated trading history( Steady Performance , Holy Grail, Moderate performance , low drawdown )
  2. Investors will think it is real because they don’t know how trading histories can be manipulated
  3. Investors deposit their money to take advantage of the high rates of return on investment
  4. Fake trading system seems profitable/Daily Trading statements show profit (you earn a few percent each month)
  5. You make a withdrawal to confirm its real
  6. ( Broker acquired new investors since your investment: Paying out your monthly return is small money and easy)
  7. You invest more because you really think its real and are unaware of how easily a ponzi scheme works with Forex Brokerages
  8. You tell friends and family about your smart investments so they invest too
  9. Everyone is making profits and it sounds too good to be true
  10. You become skeptical because they never lose and you make money every month
  11. You tell friends and family that you are worried about your investment so you make a complete withdrawal of investment including all profits
  12. Your friends and family do the same
  13. You got your money but your friends are having problems and delays in their withdrawals
  14. They become worried and more skeptical than ever. They start asking around online and the investigation begins
  15. What company did we invest in, where is their company located, were they regulated and where are they regulated, is our money ensured?
  16. Withdrawals are slow and now many excuses from their support team
  17. They’re not responding to emails!!
  18. They’re website is down!!!!
  19. How do we get our money back?

If you invest through SingliForex or through any of the companies below you may has an opportunity to make a few withdrawals but like all ponzi schemes if everyone tries to pull their funds at the same time, it will eventually collapse.

These companies do not require much capital to start ,

  1. business registration
  2. server hosting
  3. Metaquotes Server License
  4. Payment processing

and ponzi schemes have potential to earn millions and possibly billions.

A Real ECN Brokerage

A profitable/real brokerage (profits through commission fee) take a good reputation that are established over long periods of time with five star customer service to maintain large volume( many traders actually making trades) to pay the bills. Happy traders tell other traders and its a slow process of word by mouth.


SuperMan EA:

Ever wondered how to make your money work for you by generating between 5% to 15% average profits every month using Forex(Foreign Exchange Market) as an investment vehicle for passive income – LEONG WAH


  2. SingliForex Website:
  3. Name Server: NS1.HOSTDUTY.COM
  4. Registrant Name: LEONG WAH
  5. Registrant Organization: LEONG WAH
  6. Registrant Street: 36 Purvis Street #02-05
  7. Registrant City: Singapore
  8. Registrant Postal Code: 18861
  9. Registrant Country: SG
  10. Registrant Phone: +1.6594664779

June 17 – Singapore, Singapore IP:

Daily Income
We represent SingliWorld, Singliforex, TfxGlobal, Triumph Global (Asia) Limited


Investor Alert: TFX Global
Room 805 – 807,
Yuen Long Commercial Centre
24 Kau Yuk Road,
Yuen Long N.T. Hong Kong
TFX Global and its subsidiaries are wholly owned by Triumph Global (Asia) Limited
Creation Date: 10-apr-2014

Triumph Global

Investor Alert: Triumph Global (Asia) Limited
Units A-C, 25/F, Seabright Plaza, No. 9-23
Shell Street, North Point, Hong Kong

Rating: Ponzi
Date of Post: 2015-02-19

Hi, I was recently introduced to Singliworld and Truimph FX. I found that both the companies are under MAS’s alert list. How can we find out more info about them and their review. Thanks and happy lunar new year. – Andrew, Singapore, Singapore


Name Server: NS1.TFXI.COM
Registrant Name: Triumph Int Limited
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 2283 Columbus Centre,
Registrant Street: Road Town, Tortola
Registrant City: British Virgin Islands

They destroyed my trading account from an equity of $5k to $1300. When I asked them about this they said they had set some wrong setting in my account due to which this had happened, but this is completely wrong as they had some worst traders who manages the account and that is the only reason I have lost my equity. – – January 25, 2015

Triumph Int Limited

Who owns Triumph Int Limited?

Incorporation Date: 19 Nov 2010 –
Directors:Peter Brendon WYLLIE

Incorporation Date: 03 Dec 2009
Directors – James CRILL – Peter Brendon WYLLIE – Raja Segaran S KRISHNAN
ShareHolders – James CRILL – Peter Brendon WYLLIE – TURVEY TRUSTEE LIMITED

Incorporation Date: 13 Sep 2011
Director – Alan James Kenneth BRUCE – Andrew MACKENZIE
ShareHolders – Morag Jane AYERS – Charlotte Elizabeth AYERS – Barbara Ann Fernie AYERS

Peter Brendon WYLLIE

New Zealand Lawyer for over 200 Registered Companies in New Zealand
Brand: Helmore Ayers
Bar registration year : 2003

we were the agents for that company in NZ. That means we are not responsible, as we are not the principal but agent. Peter Brendon WYLLIE – Forex Peace Army –

New Zealand

Participation in the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman Scheme Inc
Financial Markets Authority ("FMA"), which is the regulator of financial service providers in New Zealand
Investor Helpline: 0800 434 566
Financial Markets Authority Helpline: 0800 434 567
Address: Financial Markets Authority
DX Box CX10033
PO Box 106 672
Auckland 1143