To round off a perfect day of celebrations and successful financial seminar in the afternoon, a Gala Dinner was held in the ballroom for 1,000 guests in the L’Hotel Ballroom.

The night was full of glamour and glitter as the highlight of the evening with the Grand Diamond Award Ceremony, this was to reward those Maxim Trader members whom did extremely well, and have achieved sales targets, and therefore, was given a reward…of most appropriately a 1 Carat EGI Certified Diamond

It was most fortunate the guests of the Maxim Trader Diamond Gala Dinner, as the Guests of Honor was no other than the Former Legislative Speaker of Hong Kong ,Sir Andrew Wong OBE, whom so kindly donated a congratulatory poem of best wishes to Maxim Trader and the start of a successful business venture in Hong Kong.

The dinner guests were treating to a scrumptious Chinese dinner, specially prepared by famous local chefs of the L’Hotel, with an exciting array of entertainment throughout the evening.

The entertainment includes a haunting solo performance by a famous Erh-Hu performer from China, whom serenaded the guests during the first few courses of the dinner.

The evening entertainment was show the followed by the very famous FACE CHANGING PERFORMANCE, where the performer delighted the crowd by changing faces, and Chinese masks in a matter of seconds. This performance is very famous in China, but only a few have been able to witness this exciting live performance.

The last but not least of the evening entertainment was a very inspirational sand painting performance, by an artist whom told the whole story by using sand, superimposed on to the screen by using a light box. It takes years of practiced and training to be able to perform this art, and not to mention…a lot of talent too.

The moment that everyone was waiting for has arrived…the excitement of receiving a Diamond was overwhelming, and they were awarded to those lucky high achievers whom performed exceedingly well, and so was rewarded accordingly the company.