A pretty useful overview from NZ legal eagles quiggpartners.com . Attached is a copy lifted from the net.
This Company Director Checklist has been designed as a practical guide to the main obligations and procedures of a limited liability
company under the Companies Act 1993.
This Checklist is tailored to a limited liability company incorporated under the Companies Act 1993. It is a general guide that is not
intended to be a substitute for professional advice. It will, however, highlight to a company director those situations where
professional advice may be required. This checklist was updated as at 31 May 2011.
This Checklist is general and should not be relied on for advice. Quigg Partners and the authors disclaim any liability in
respect of anything done in reliance on this publication. This Checklist was prepared with directors of an unlisted limited liability
company in mind. Unless otherwise specified, reference to a "section" (abbreviated as "s") or "part" is a reference to a section or
part of the Companies Act 1993 ("Act").