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******************************************************************************************************* 计划名称:《失控的计划》
预计盈利:12% 至 20% 每月 ******************************************************************************************************
如果您想加入到 《失控的计划》,请您按照以下顺序,逐个点开网址,并且根据网页里的内容进行相应的操作。

GLOBAL IBS SDN BHD 网路外汇投资诈骗集团!

【GLOBAL IBS SDN BHD 网路外汇投资诈骗集团!】
2)经典语录:我们1,3,5会在sutera papparich,来吧,我给你一个星期,没来的话你怎样?几时要来捉我们!
3)经典语录:我Wong Thian Yow 等你,不是说来揍人?在我耀爷的地盘撒野,等着进警局吧!我准备好政府人等你了,还有你口口声声说有人被骗,叫那些受害者出来,我们风雨不改就在papparich,来吧来吧^_^
4)经典语录:ALVIN GOR:乱说我们IBS不合法,等着收我们律师信!

1)经过揭发GLOBAL IBS SDN BHD 恶名昭彰的在全马,尤其是南马,以欺骗手法诱导年轻人,马劳加入违法外汇投资之后。

2)继续揭发受害者被GLOBAL IBS SDN BHD 成员欺诈案件。

3)IBS 是一间没有制度的违法外汇投资公司,加入的会员可以自行招揽更多无知受害者, 任何人可以肆意跟公众收取投资金,跟公司瓜分。
陆续揭发所谓IBS , 不过是已被国行列入黑名单公司的

4)GLOBAL IBS SDN BHD 创办人 Dato Engyeo Nyo
连夜赶回新山,包下了五福城某酒廊,仅供IBS 会员进入商讨对策,看似镇定,其实已经走投无路!
骗局不能维持太久,况且IBS 恶名昭彰已经在南马很难混下去。
建议投资IBS的会员,尽快向公司要回投资,以免后悔来不及! 任何投资公司没有权利扣留投资者任何资金, 更何况这件违法的外汇投资集团!

这是经常听到的谎言。 须知,投资任何在外国注册的投资公司,



My Forex trading
"Out of Control plan" investment programme ********************************************************************************************
Plan name: "Runaway plan" trading strategy: BP neural Network + homeopathic breakthrough + variable mesh + variable stop + variable take profit + Homeopathic gain strategy trading range: EURGBP and AUDUSD expected profit: 12% to 20% per month ********************
"Out of control plan" real transaction records

Please click on the following URL to Myfxbook to see " The real transaction record of the runaway plan

*********************** ***************************************************************************************************************
If you would like to join the runaway plan, please click on the URL one by one in the following order. And according to the content of the Web page to carry out the corresponding operation. First step Open an account:
Second step copy signal: copyfx.html

GLOBAL IBS SDN BHD online forex investment scam Group! "GLOBAL IBS SDN BHD online forex investment scam Group! "

1) Classic quotes: If we break the law, why have not been caught so far!
2) Classic Quotes: We 1,3,5 will be in Sutera Papparich, come on, I'll give you one weeks, if you don't come, how about you? When are you coming to catch us!
3) Classic Quotes: I wong Thian Yow waiting for you, not to say beat people? Go wild on my Lord Yao's turf and wait to get into the police station! I am ready for the government to wait for you, and you say that someone has been cheated, call those victims out, we do not change the wind and rain in the Papparich, come on, Come on ^_^ 4) Classic quotes: ALVIN GOR: Nonsense We IBS is not legal, waiting to receive our lawyer letter!
After the incident:

1) After exposing the global IBS SDN BHD notorious in the whole horse, especially the South horse, with deceptive inducement to induce young people, Marau joined the illegal foreign exchange investment after. This site was immediately personally threatened. Not only the handler to speak, to the crime whistle issued a lawyer's letter, the loser second ancestor Huangtianyao more loudly South horse generation he finished, the classic language green! The power is so great that it's out of reach!

2) Continue to expose victims of fraud by members of global IBS SDN BHD. Many people victims in the investment of IBS, by the company agent Crazy money, in the blood, unexpectedly also detained 30% funds as a waiver of investment compensation. Many people victims are based on the power of IBS members and are unable to recover justice. In the new mountain and Malacca, there are more than 8 teenagers who have been deceived (by their own loss of IBS members in foreign exchange) to cheat the total amount of rm74,300 investment principal, so far no one is responsible.

3) IBS is an illegal foreign exchange investment company without a system, and members who join can attract more ignorant victims on their own, and anyone can collect investment money from the public wantonly and divide it with the company. The so-called IBS is being exposed, but it is only the financial investment Company of Maxim Finance (corporatism), which has been blacklisted by the ranks of the country. Maxim finance involves illegal multi-level, pulling the head of foreign exchange investment, from which to extract the investor's hard-earned money of a company.

4) GLOBAL IBS SDN BHD founder Dato Engyeo Nyo rushed back to the new mountain overnight, wrapped down a lounge in five Fook city, only for IBS members to enter the discussion countermeasure, seemingly calm, in fact, has been desperate! The scam can't last long, and IBS's notoriety is hard to get mixed up in the South Horse. Suggest investing in IBS members, as soon as possible to the company to return investment, so as not to regret too late! No investment company has the right to withhold any funds from investors, not to mention this illegal foreign exchange investment Group! "Invest in a foreign-registered scam company, wake up overnight to wake up" I do not register in Malaysia, did not join in the big Mara, is you big horse people like to come to our foreign companies to invest! This is a lie that is often heard. It should be notes that investing in any foreign-registered investment company will not be protected by Malaysian law, especially those companies that operate illegally. You can't see the company's condition every day, even if they're already in the evacuation company, you don't know. A sense of waking up, found that the scam group to provide you with the site has been unable to use, the company changed the name, the company no longer exists and so on ... The victim knows how to wake up! We expose the scam syndicate, many young people always come to us to question and harass, never anti-past suspected scam group motives and plots, this is worth the sad thing! "It is illegal for companies to sell, provide, and give away the original shares in private," the company sells privately, offering and giving away the original shares, as long as they are used to attract the vast number of investors and to join the bait of the company's plans. ———————————————————————————————