13 Jan 2016

It never ceases to amaze me how many times you can trawl through the same data, information and website and each time you give it a good shake new goodies drop out the bottom. I was turning over a few virtual rocks looking for a connection with the Taylor clan and I came across Peter Burslem’s profile on one of Clegg & Mopitt’s sites.

I decided to do a reverse image lookup of the profile picture. The results are below.

One first pass there looked to be a ‘testimonial from a Peter Opes’….

A quick google for "Peter Opes" does not return much of interest other than the following;

Things get a little more interesting after a quick look at Functional Health address is 3 Hollywell Road Gold Coast QLD. Well we are definitely in the Taylor clan’s backyard.

Drilling down on the address shows Functional Health is a stone’s throw from the marine parade address used ubiquitously amongst the clan.

Ummm I think we are heading in the right direction. Lets look up peter.opes on facebook and for good measure image lookup for Peter Burslem provides us with a linked in image.
And here is Mr. Peter Burslem I mean Mr. Peter Opes.
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