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    Welcome to our Ready Made Shelf Company

    the home of pre-registered international Companies and aged corporations, incorporated in a range of the
    world's best offshore and onshore no-tax, low-tax and full-tax jurisdictions.

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    Within this site, you will gain access to an impressive global company formation network, a network which
    provides many hundreds of existing offshore and onshore corporations, personal & corporate nominee
    directors & shareholders, bank accounts, serviced and virtual offices and many other valuable services to enable
    your immediate start in business, or re-structure using a vintage company.
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    Why incorporate a new company and wait days or weeks to commence business, when you can instantly
    purchase one of our existing companies off the shelf and start working today!

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  • Registered Office/Agent

    We have a range of Registered Agent solutions to suit your stringent requirements in jurisdictions such as: Belize Hong Kong Hungary Latvia New Zealand

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