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Locating Priscila & Martin Taylor of Clegg & Moppit

Having followed the FX United game of pass the parcel in NZ where Priscila Lustre was the last director and shareholder of United Global Holdings before deregistration. A bit of poking around opened the pandora’s box identifying Priscila as an experienced offshore shuffler with a number of alias including Priscila Lustre, Priscila Taylor, Priscila Lamoste and also wife of Geoffrey Taylor of the infamous GT Group. Here’s their current profile images used on the very badly put together Clegg & Moppit website

Interestingly, I only stumbled across the Clegg & Moppit site when searching Priscila’s name via google images.
Villa Lustre Philippines

This was now beginning to get pretty interesting. Fast forward a bit of data scavenging i was able to find a few trails overlapping that pointed to the Philippines. Knowing that Priscila is Filipino meant that it was worth chasing down.
I was able to find a couple of phone numbers associated with Priscila and Martin Taylor (Geoffrey now uses his middle name Martin) and a current address for Priscila - "Villa Lustre Gonzales St Tagaytay Philippines".
On face value it sounds like a false address. Plus it wouldn’t be much fun if you were able to hit the jackpot just by googling Villa Lustre. (which of course gave no results).
Curiously, nor did google maps find Gonzales Street. So reverting back to the basics - search for "Gonzales St Tagaytay;

So what doesn’t look overly interesting to start does in fact turn out to be very useful. The initial data points;
  1. Gonzales St Tagaytay
  2. something called Country Homes 3.
  3. Christian Development Centre
So a bit more scavenging and I was able to find a blogger that posted about the CDC and how wonderful the place was;

Christian Development Centre is truly a wonderful place to relax, bond with families and a place to experience God’s refreshing touch.
I’ve been to this place last September for a conference and my experience was truly unforgettable.
It’s a 350-bed capacity and five-story building, located inside Tagaytay Country Homes 3 a plush subdivision in Barangay Crossing Silang East.

Most useful was the description of the CDC itself - "five story building'. Which i was then able to pinpoint via street view from outside the estate.

The picture above is literally the closest you can get to the estate (the image is taken from the adjacent major road). So while I’ve been able to pinpoint Gonzales Street within the Country Homes Estate, frustratingly I wasn’t able to get any closer using street view.

However after circling the Estate I was able to find the entrance. Note the long road leading into the Estate. Thats as close as you can get to it. Presumably the Google St View vans were not authorised to map the Estate itself.

Gonzales St

So this is their street (even though Google can’t tell you this). The red star is CDC which we know is on Gonzales so we now also know that Gonzales St is a short street and as the Google Earth image on the right shows there are only a handful of buildings on Gonzales - presumably one may be Villa Lustre.

Cross Referring Data

Does the above alone really provide any evidence that there is an actual Villa Lustre on Gonzales?
No not really. So tracking back to the phone details I was able to find from the domain searches. Until I’d put them together I didn’t even realise that they are in fact the same number. Removing the 63 double up and reformatting;
Priscila Lustre = 6363464131382 and Martin Taylor = +63 46 413 1382
Mr & Mrs Taylor = +63 46 413 1382

Breaking down the number we have;
+63 - Philippines country code
46 - prefix for the Cavite region (which is where Tagaytay is).

Things get a bit more interesting when comparing the Taylor’s number to CDC.
Mr & Mrs Taylor = +63 46 413 1382
Christian Centre = +63 46 413 1419
So there are only 37 numbers separating the Taylor’s number and CDC ..."382" and …419 respectively. Now thats pretty damn close in terms of phone numbers. What I do know is that you typically have 50 DID (Direct inward Dialing) numbers bundled on a PRI circuit (which is trunking circuit into a multi user phone system).
Since this is an up market private estate, and based on the size of the estate its likely they run 2 x 50 DID through their ‘estate’ PBX (phone system).

Combining both the location and phone data there is now fairly credible evidence that the location is bonfide and not just a random and meaningless address with mail and correspondence stamped return to sender.

No Street view 😔 but we do have Trovit :)

As I mentioned above. It took me a while to work out why street-view doesn’t work within the estate. So lets look to see if we can find some proxies. First stop Trovit. A couple of clicks are we end up with a couple of current properties for sale in Country homes 3.