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I-am Oscar

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I-am Oscar

倒数一天,一场被受世界瞩目的盛大新加玻游艇展【Yacht Show Singapore 2014】
【MAXIM Trader】不惜重金赞助百万新币协助打造一场高贵奢华的游艇展,必定震撼你的视觉感官。马胜金融也派出五架私人转机载送来自世界各地的VVIP投资商。同时,马胜也细心地出动数量百万名车和一群训练有素的保镖护送富豪们。更不容错过的是,马胜也安排一艘豪华游艇让重量级投资商上船体验非一般的奢侈生活!非常荣幸的我们马胜新山团队的努力征服了老板们,并且发出VVIP门票让我们有机会参与并且亲身感受这场意义非凡的盛典!

Countdown one day, a world attention was affected by the grand new plus bosons yacht exhibition (Bicycle Show Singapore 2014)
In our long neck forward pin under finally opened!!
The principal sponsors horse wins financial group
(Maxim Trader) at costly sponsored a million new credits help build a noble luxury yacht, the exhibition will shock your visual aesthetics. Ma wins financial also sent five private transfer transfers from around the world vvip investors. At the same time, horse wins too careful in the number of moving cars mn and a bunch of trained bodyguard escort regal us. Certainly not miss the chance of winning horse, is also arranged a luxury yacht let heavyweight investors aboard experience non-General of the luxury life! We are very honoured to have the new horse wins the efforts of team hill conquered the bosses, and issued a VVIP tickets for giving us the opportunity to participate in the excitement and this means a lot of the ceremony!


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I-am Oscar

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