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@mus_a_daniel on Instagram: “Speech By Maxim Trader CEO's Dr. Andrew n Financial Talk By Super Duper Financial Master Dr. Marc Faber!!!! Ini Baru Betul Master In…”

@mus_a_daniel on Instagram: "Speech By Maxim Trader CEO's Dr. Andrew n Financial Talk By Super Duper Financial Master Dr. Marc Faber!!!! Ini Baru Betul Master In…"

帅哥 @adriankopi94 Instagram profile - Pikore

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帅哥 @adriankopi94 Instagram profile - Pikore

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The Best Forex EA - About US

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We Develop The Best Expert Advisor In The Forex Market. A Happy Client Makes a Happy , We get feedback each and everyday from satisfied customers e-mailing us about their success.

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Latest News

September 26, 2013
We are "DEAD SERIOUS" about releasing only LIMITED COPIES Power Trend Pro. Very soon you will find "SOLD" sign on the site!!
February 30, 2012
We develop new EA. The latest version is Power Trend Pro.
November 31, 2011
We update for VIP
March 21, 2010
Welcome to The Best Forex Expert Advisor

About My Team

    I started trading Forex 8 years ago. The first year I lost over $30,000 in Forex and Stock Exchange. Now, I am part of the "Forex The Best Expert Advisor" team of traders. I studied hard and analyzed markets every dayrigorously, like a university student. Gradually I developed a few profitable systems, that no longer lost money. And now I can honestly say my "The Best Forex Expert Advisor " is the best on the market.

    I still don’t give up on working on new systems and robots and give the Best for All my client. We also realized that there are some individual traders who are handicapped by so many factors including lack of knowledge or experience of the currency market, emotion, greed and lack of experience. That is why we are offering the The Best Forex Expert Advisor to everyone. We create Forex trading systems which are highly professional, easy to use and designed to help you maximize your currency trading profits.

    We welcome you to join our Successful Team 'The Best Forex Expert Advisor' With the "The Best Forex EA" you can also succeed and your life will never be the same.

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About Team

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    He is supposed to be the most important member of My team.Supporter and forex techinical analysis
  • Another Team Member

    Usually this is the person who has started the website. Maybe it is worth to write why he made has such a decision.

Bernard Tung Portfolio

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FitzGerald Ziah

FitzGerald Ziah

FitzGerald Ziah

FitzGerald Ziah

FitzGerald Ziah


FitzGerald Ziah

Maria Vantage aka Qomariah Saad aka yati saad?

Back from Day 3. Visited Bokong Temple built in... - Richard Van ProctorSource URL:

FitzGerald ZiahSource URL:

Team Australia

Muslin Bin Abuzar (mus-a-daniel)
Andrew Lim
Maria Vantage (qomariah saad)
Marc Fabar
Zia Fitzgerald

Oscar ?
Muslin Bin Abuzar calls Zia - Aunty

September 23 Australia Welcomes You! _ End of the World blog horse wins financial maxim_Source URL:

Ma wins Financial Exchange Fund Monthly 6% to 8% of stable income, opening the road to wealth.Phone: 18704263520 micro letter: yuhan-0188

Bowen text

2015-05-21 10:18 Thursday

2015-05-21 horse wins horse wins finance investment banking financial northeast northeast Finance
Micro Signal maxim6788
Features horse wins Financial Group to provide investors with a world-class investment solutions.Use of financial instruments for investors to create a best trading platform, the establishment of financial mechanisms to amplify excellent leverage, enabling organizations and customers in financial ground.With the idea of ​​win-win cooperation with you to create wealth future!Follow Ma Sheng, relaxed investment!

September 23 Australia Welcomes You!
Ma wins long-awaited financial focus of attention!
Another Milestone of Maxim Trader:
Ma ki Rousseau Suites Ritzーシーのinter ta na ma new test suitableーsu Suites nn;
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It is an annual horse wins finance industry bloom CLS moment! We will soon welcome the much anticipated Maxim Trader International Members Exchange
Private ta chi wa moo gu su ma ki be looking の シ ー the inter ー Rousseau Suites Ritz? イ center have nn na na シ ョ Hikaru? Me nn ba wo welcome え ー exchange ma si!
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Ma Sheng municipal finance will work together with Australia to build a financial magnificent visual storm This Sept, along with The Gold Coast local government, we will present you the most splendid financial feast ever!
Ko の September, semantic have Hikaru ド? U ー su Suites の local government と と mo ni, private ta chi wa all san wo mo っ と moo prime Partly ra shi い financial の feast wo お see se shi ma si.
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Ma wins 2015 Australian International Finance Financial Seminar
Maxim Trader 2015 Australia's Gold Coast IME
イ ベ nn Suites: ma ki Rousseau Suites Ritz ー シ ー 2015 inter- オ ー ア ri su Suites Getting semantic Hikaru ド ー su Suites U IME?
?? ???? 2015 ?? ?? ??? IME

September 23, 2015 09/23/2015 Australia's Gold Coast International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Center, Australia
Semantic Hikaru ド ー su Suites U? U nn nn シ ョ ベ nn & EVAL Bldg ji ki シ ョ ã nn nn center have オ ー ア ri su Suites ra
?? ??? ??? & ???, ??
September 23 Australia Welcomes You!

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Muslim Bin Abuzar (aka mus_a_daniel) passportSource URL:

Malaysian Passport Number: A34720804

Passport number[edit]

The passport number is the serial number that uniquely identifies a passport. The passport number changes every time a person is issued a new passport, with the previous passport number noted in an endorsement on the last page of the new passport.

The passport number is alphanumeric, with a letter followed by an eight-digit number, e.g. A00000000. The letter prefix depends on the residency status of the bearer: "A" for Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan, "H" forSabah and "K" for Sarawak. From 1964 to 1965, when Singapore was a part of Malaysia, Singapore citizens were issued Malaysian passports with the prefix "E".[10]

Mission to NYSEY

(3) Mae Lim - Mission To NYSEY✌✌✌
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Maxim Team Australia

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I-am Oscar

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I-am Oscar

倒数一天,一场被受世界瞩目的盛大新加玻游艇展【Yacht Show Singapore 2014】
【MAXIM Trader】不惜重金赞助百万新币协助打造一场高贵奢华的游艇展,必定震撼你的视觉感官。马胜金融也派出五架私人转机载送来自世界各地的VVIP投资商。同时,马胜也细心地出动数量百万名车和一群训练有素的保镖护送富豪们。更不容错过的是,马胜也安排一艘豪华游艇让重量级投资商上船体验非一般的奢侈生活!非常荣幸的我们马胜新山团队的努力征服了老板们,并且发出VVIP门票让我们有机会参与并且亲身感受这场意义非凡的盛典!

Countdown one day, a world attention was affected by the grand new plus bosons yacht exhibition (Bicycle Show Singapore 2014)
In our long neck forward pin under finally opened!!
The principal sponsors horse wins financial group
(Maxim Trader) at costly sponsored a million new credits help build a noble luxury yacht, the exhibition will shock your visual aesthetics. Ma wins financial also sent five private transfer transfers from around the world vvip investors. At the same time, horse wins too careful in the number of moving cars mn and a bunch of trained bodyguard escort regal us. Certainly not miss the chance of winning horse, is also arranged a luxury yacht let heavyweight investors aboard experience non-General of the luxury life! We are very honoured to have the new horse wins the efforts of team hill conquered the bosses, and issued a VVIP tickets for giving us the opportunity to participate in the excitement and this means a lot of the ceremony!


  • Qomariah Maria

I-am Oscar's photo.


I-am Oscar

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