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SFC on Investors fraud: Maxim Trader site suspended and $23.5 million assets of Maxim Capital Limited freezed

SFC on Investors fraud: Maxim Trader site suspended and $23.5 million assets of Maxim Capital Limited freezed

SFC - Hong Kong

The Court of First Instance has granted various interim orders against Maxim Capital Limited (Maxim Capital), an unlicensed investment firm, including freezing all its monies in Hong Kong totalling approximately $23.5 million following legal proceedings brought by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) under section 213 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO) (Note 1).

Interim orders were also granted on 6 November 2015 to restrain Maxim Capital from holding out as carrying on regulated activities whilst unlicensed and to suspend its websites that have been promoting the carrying out of regulated activities under the brand name "Maxim Trader".

The SFC’s investigation found that Maxim Capital and Maxim Trader have solicited over 130 investors to invest more than $111 million in a number of investment schemes since 2013 that claimed to pay monthly returns from 3% to 8%.

Whilst the investors were initially able to receive monthly returns on their investments, they have not received further monthly returns since July 2015 and were informed by Maxim Capital/Maxim Trader that their investments had been converted into shares of a company which appear to the SFC to be worthless.

The SFC alleges that Maxim Capital and Maxim Trader have contravened the SFO by holding out as carrying on a business in SFC regulated activities in Hong Kong without an SFC licence and issuing related advertisements.

The SFC also alleges that Maxim Capital and Maxim Trader have contravened the SFO by issuing advertisements which invite the public to enter into agreements to acquire interests in a collective investment scheme without SFC’s authorization. Maxim Capital and Maxim Trader made various fraudulent or reckless misrepresentations, including the claim that Maxim Capital was a financial service provider licensed in New Zealand and regulated in Belize.

On 27 October 2015, the SFC commenced proceedings under section 213 of the SFO seeking various final orders against Maxim Capital and Maxim Trader, including injunctive relief and restitutionary orders requiring them to restore the affected investors to their pre-transaction positions. Pending the substantive determination of the SFC’s claims, the SFC also applied on the same day for various interlocutory injunction orders.

The SFC has identified approximately $23.5 million held in an account maintained by Maxim Capital with a licensed money service operator in Hong Kong. Those funds are now frozen under the terms of the interim injunction order. This order will remain in force until the trial of these proceedings, the date of which has yet to be fixed.

The SFC’s investigation is continuing.

Source: SFC - SFC obtains court order to freeze $23.5 million assets of Maxim Capital Limited

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  1. visser 27/02/2016

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19 October 2015 Milux partners RGF for residential development, Genting Malaysia sells land to sister co

Image from Genting Malaysia 2014 Annual Report.

Image from Genting Malaysia 2014 Annual Report.

October 19, 2015:

In two major property transactions, Malaysian companies Milux and Genting Malaysia engaged in a development joint venture and land sale, respectively, with related parties late last week.

Milux in JV with major shareholder to develop housing project
Milux Corp Bhd is partnering RGF Cabaran Sdn Bhd to jointly develop 12 pieces of land measuring 25,832.31 sq m in Bentong, Pahang into a residential property consisting of condominiums.
In a Bursa Malaysia filing, the household appliance manufacturer said its wholly-owned subsidiary, Milux Properties Sdn Bhd has entered into a joint-venture (JV) cum shareholders’ agreement with RGF Cabaran, to form a JV company for the proposed project dubbed "Pentagon Genting Highlands".

Milux Properties will have a 60 per cent stake in the JV company, called Phoenix Pentagon Sdn Bhd, and RGF Cabaran the rest.

RGF Land Sdn Bhd, being the holding company of RGF Cabaran, is the beneficial and registered owner of the 12 pieces of land. RGF Land is also a major shareholder of Milux, with a 13.78 per cent stake.
"In view of the increasingly competitive market in the household appliances industry in which the group operates, the group has identified the JV as a new business opportunity which is expected to provide an additional source of income for the group," Milux said.

The JV and agreement will also allow the group to minimise the financial outlay for this initial diversification exercise and provide the opportunity for the group to participate in future project management contracts secured by RGF Cabaran.

Milux also said the group has the capacity, capabilities and resources to venture into this JV by capitalising on the competency and experience of its group managing director Koh Pee Seng, who has been involved in property development since the 1990.

Genting Malaysia sells Segambut land for $15.6m
Genting Malaysia Berhad (GenM) has sold two pieces of adjoining leasehold land in Segambut as well as the buildings on the land, to Genting Plantations Berhad (GenP) for MYR65.76 million ($15.6 million).

The two companies announced on the local stock exchange that GenM’s unit Genting Highlands Tours and Promotion Sdn Bhd signed a conditional sale and purchase agreement with GenP’s unit Esprit Icon Sdn Bhd for the disposal of the land measuring 380,902 sq ft.

The land sites a single-storey office building, store, workshop and parking yard/garage, all with an estimated age of between 35 and 40 years old.

On the transfer of the properties, Genting Highlands Tours will take tenancy of about 100,500 sq ft of the properties for two years. Rental will be MYR750,000 for the entire term.

Currently, about half of the properties is occupied by the GenM group to house its transport operations and tenanted to a third-party tenant. GenM said the proposed disposal provided an opportunity for the group to unlock the immediate full value of the properties.

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