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Royal Holdings insider Big Secret!  Royal Holdings insider Big Secret! (2015-07-16 11:53:20)

Royal Holdings insider Big Secret!Reproduced ▼

Merchants Tel: 15271389416Royal Holdings insider Big Secret!

Why invest in Real Holdings stock
Royal Holdings Chairman announced that the company will be held February 26, 2016 aboard NYSE NYSE board.
  • Mining group officially set injection Royal Holdings Current Status: Royal after holding group, ROGP share price per share rose from $ 0.50 to $ 2 per share ++.In the near future: in the coming days, RGF Group Co., Ltd. (real estate) and Bellevue Group (farming) will be gradually injected into the formal Royal Holdings, ROGP Imagine how many shares will rise. The next acquisition program will be in Indonesia's East Kalimantan, to acquire a reserve mine 1.3 million karats of diamonds, including JORC certificate.Protection and safety stock: Marathon Capital Management Limited appointed as a trust company, responsible for managing all ROGP stockFebruary 26, 2016 at the New York Stock Exchange listing: President of the Royal Group Holdings has announced its company's share price will rise to double-digit price even higher!

Please read on to learn more details about the company and the trust of the project.

Royal Holdings insider Big Secret!

Royal Holdings insider Big Secret!

Royal Holdings insider Big Secret!

Royal Holdings insider Big Secret!

Royal Holdings insider Big Secret!

Royal Holdings insider Big Secret!

Royal Holdings insider Big Secret!

July 2015 10

ROGP share price rose to $ 2.20 from $ 3.50 (an increase of $ 1.30 or 59.09%)

Royal Holding Group Profile

Royal Holdings (Royale Globe Holding Inc.) is a company in the US mid-market publicly traded OTC under the symbol "ROGP", is an integrated, diversified gold mining investment holding company. The company is committed mergers higher productivity, greater potential mining areas. ROGP gold project name "RMC Gold Project", located in Peninsular Malaysia Kelantan "gold discovery zone" in. The mine currently in production operation, ROGP planned production capacity of the mine to invest, in order to rapidly increase the productivity of the mine.

Robbie (Seong Seng) Chua,, Chief Executive Officer and Director

as Effective February 25,, 2015, at The Company Appointed Robbie is Mr. Chua, AS A Member of the CEO and Board of Directors at The. IS AN is Mr. Chua, the Economist and has More Within last 20 years of preference Experience in corporate finance specializing in property development and listing of companies in various stock exchanges in the world. For the last 28 years, Mr. Chua has owned and operated a registered real estate agency and property consultancy firm, located in Malaysia and with operations and clientele Europe from, South

East Asia and Middle East at The. is Mr. Chua, Managing Specializes in Plantation Structured Property and Corporate Transactions, as particularly in Financing and Marketing Including Reverse Take-overs. SITS ON at The Board is Mr. Chua, for Various Construction's companies from China Seeking for Construction's Contracts in Malaysia Mega. is Mr. Chua, has in Listing companies at The Malaysian Stock ON the Exchange, Singapore Stock the Exchange, the Exchange, London Stock at The Frankfurt Stock and the Exchange and the Exchange US Stock. Shih Khiam Ho, Secretary and Director as Effective February 25,, 2015, at The AS is Mr. SK Ho Appointed Company Secretary and Member of A at The Board of Directors. Ho Shih Khiam IS A trained and Operating since Accountant at The Age of 20 of He WAS been Engaged in Auditing, the accounting and Financial Environment. With ventured, nothing from at The preference Experience at The Past, he was appointed as the HOD of accounting and finance department in the past employments. Later, he diversified himself into other fields as a Manager in Operation and was involved in product packages designing, marketing and sales promotion designing, and will manage the company's recognition and Award Presentation Events. Prior, to His-Appointment AS at The Company, apos Secretary, of He served AS at The General Manager of A Malaysian based the Multi National Multi-Level Marketing Company, that merchandised Food Supplements and Household Consumables. Since the this Company ventured INTO Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, and Indonesia, he supervised the setting up of each country-standard operational and the financial reporting procedure. Concurrently, since 2004, together with his wife, Ederlyn Lai Kok Foon, he founded a licensed travel agency, known as Meridianvest Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd . of He Serves as mentioned AS the this Company apos Day to Day Manager of Operations, Cash Flow, Financial Planning, Costing of Travel Incentive Packages Standard Package and Statutory Financial Reporting. Revi Janardhanan Pillai, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Director as Effective February 25,, 2015, at The Company Appointed of Mr . Revi Janardhanan Pillai AS and A Member of the CFO at The Board of Directors. is Mr. Pillai at The IS A Member of Malaysian Institute of Certified Public the Accountants. Since February, 2014, is Mr. Pillai has been the CFO of at The ROGP at The Group, A Malaysian Firm Involved in investment holding, property development and direct marketing. From November 2012 to January 2014, Mr. Pillai was the Deputy CFO for Gryphon Energy Group, an oil and gas company located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From November 2010 to November 2012, Mr. Pillai was the Deputy CFO for Novelty Group , Singapor, a property development and construction company. From February 2010 to November 2010, Mr. Pillai was the head of the internal audits for Eversendai Corp., a structural steel and construction company located Rawang, Malaysia .

ROGP projects and acquisitions
[Gold Mining gold mining]

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - (Marketwired - Apr, 2015) - Royale Globe Holding Inc (OTCQB: ROGP) announces that on March 20, 2015, it has entered into a Share Exchange Agreement with RMC MINING SDN BHD, a company incorporated under the laws of Malaysia ( "RMC") and MARICOM SDN BHD, a company registered under the laws of Malaysia ( "MARICOM"). under this Agreement, the Company will issue 600,000,000 (Six Hundred Million) shares of common stock to RMC in exchange for 99.6 % of the total ownership of MARICOM.

Hunan Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Bureau  a Corps and Malaysia RMC Mining Co., Ltd. held the contract signing ceremony

January 14 morning, my team and Malaysian RMC Mining Limited (Malay RMC MINING SDN BHD) contract signing ceremony was held in my team on the second floor conference room. Ling, deputy director of water into, the new team of party secretary Tan away, RMC representative SK HO attended. "Malaysia Kelantan gold exploration consignment contract" signed the contract amount of more than 12 million. The contract is the second since 2012, the fourth year in cooperation with the Malaysia Mining Corporation. Continue in-depth cooperation, the company is based on the integrity and strength of our team highly appreciated. I signed the contract for the team in 2015 opened a good start, the unit will have a positive impact on operating results, our team will help to further expand overseas markets. Tan on behalf of a new far Corps statement: We will be in strict accordance with the requirements of the other party, well-organized, solid work to ensure the safety, quality, workload successfully fulfilled, the efforts of the project to build a boutique project, assured the project, and then for establishing a new mining exploration work. In recent years, due to changes in national policy and industry situation, geological prospecting units newly acquired financial funds to reduce class project, newly signed Geological Exploration Project contract amount has dropped significantly. In 2015, the focus of our team is based on land mines, efforts to open up the market, pay close attention to the project. January 6, our team signed the "Hunan Linwu Ping iron ore mining tin polymetallic deposits census work agreement", the contract amount of nearly 20 million yuan. Malaysia and two iron ore projects Ping acquisition, production exceeded my team work of operating in the industry, the economic downturn of the grim situation, to inspire the morale of workers, expanding the influence of social units, and further build the brand image of a corps has important practical significance.

Since the success of the formal acquisition of RMC gold project in order ROGP stock from $ 0.50 per share rose as high as $ 2.60 per share. Imagine when the following items and acquisition plans formally introduced ROGP stock price will become how.
[Property Developments Real Estate ]

1. Acquisition Milux Corporation Bhd.
2. The success of Australia shares Jincheng Mining (CTO), [CITIGOLD} becoming its largest shareholder

Royal Holding Group Co., Ltd. successfully RGF Australian shares Jincheng Mining Group (CITIGOLD) became the Group's largest shareholder. Jincheng Corporation is an Australian gold mining company, since 1993, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange ASX, Stock Code: CTO, Operations provided Charters Fort northeastern Australia. RGF Ltd. total shares owned stock worth up to 1.28 billion dollars, we will complete the relevant procedures as soon as possible, this part of the Notes Royal Holdings.

3. Genting Highlands in Malaysia Jiu Xiao Ming Court is RGF with NCT Group Co., Ltd. joint venture real estate projects
4. Hat Yai in southern Thailand -ISGC project

  • Royal Holdings is about to start in southern Thailand's Hat Yai area of ​​1,200 acres ISGC project (Integrated Smart Global City), the market value of the land is about $ 250 million ground-breaking ceremony in June 2015 No. 10 was officially launched this comprehensive real estate development projects worth GDV $ 3 billion, 10-year development plan.
  • Royal Holdings and South Korea will jointly build the company "Little Korea City" complex project.Metro Development concept:- Green University City, China City / Taiwan city / town in Japan / Korea Town- with the most modern technology facilities and physical connection- with most high polluting facilities- has improved the community and commercial facilities- have the best large meeting room / event exhibition center.

4. Hat Yai in southern Thailand -ISGC project

  • Royal Holdings is about to start in southern Thailand's Hat Yai area of ​​1,200 acres ISGC project (Integrated Smart Global City), the market value of the land is about $ 250 million ground-breaking ceremony in June 2015 No. 10 was officially launched this comprehensive real estate development projects worth GDV $ 3 billion, 10-year development plan.
  • Royal Holdings and South Korea will jointly build the company "Little Korea City" complex project.Metro Development concept:- Green University City, China City / Taiwan city / town in Japan / Korea Town- with the most modern technology facilities and physical connection- with most high polluting facilities- has improved the community and commercial facilities- have the best large meeting room / event exhibition center.

5. RGF Group for further real estate development projects

  • Boutique Hotel is: by sharing a total value of up to 30 million dollars.Fraser World (construction): the development of the total value of up to 350 million ringgit.Royale Metro City (Planning): Comprehensive Development Project.Genting second quarter, five-star hotel (planned): the development of the total value of up to 1.05 billion ringgit.Residential area of ​​Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur city center (planned): the development of the total value of 1.5 billion ringgit.Metro Development Planning: green University City - Koreatown / China Town / City Taiwan / Japan Town.
  • Imperial Holdings has acquired Bellevue Group (IMPC), a US public company. Bellevue Group (IMPC) will become a comprehensive planting biotech company, to the quality of plantation management for our stakeholders to deliver sustainable value benefits.Bellevue Group (IMPC) has over 5000 acres of land to cultivate Aquilaria tree, teak, bananas, cassava and so on in Malaysia region. Currently, the park is located Sokor incense has cultivated 300,000, each of them worth $ 2,000 and a total value of $ 600 million.Bellevue Group (IMPC) will be injected into the Royal Holding Group in the near future, the Group entered the NYSE Listed greater greater value.
The next acquisition program

  • For the operation of diamond ore companies registered and listed in the market.The next acquisition program - in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, acquisitions, mine has reserves of 1.3 million karats of diamonds, including JORC certificate.
More plans will launch eleven!

The financial sector's future development plans:
  • Binary OptionsOccupational Retirement Schemes
ROGP stock will be in February 2016 into the current OTC stock exchanges of New York Stock Exchange stock up on! Following this, its stock price will rise to 2-digit or higher!

AGL trust

and mutual benefit and win-win benefit


  • The trustee holds legal title, for others (AGL Trust member, the beneficiary) Asset Management (Real Holdings common stock).Trustee of the trust is the Legacy Trust Company (formerly known as ICS Trust), founded in 1992 in Hong Kong.It is based in Hong Kong "Companies Ordinance" the establishment of a public company, registered under the "Trustee Ordinance" for the trust.It is the leading peer-financial service providers for major institutions, consultant organizations and individuals to provide alternative trust gap solutions, and any of a plurality of Hong Kong "occupational retirement scheme," the trustee.

Trust Manager

  • Marathon Capital Management Limited (Marathon Capital Management Limited, the trust administrator) is responsible for the daily operation of AGL trust (due diligence, compliance with anti-money laundering laws), performed as a member of AGL trust account set up procedures.
  • Management projects include keeping updated records, dividend payments, provides annual benefit statement, contact a member of the Trust, claims processing, and so on.The company began operating in 2012, with high net worth individuals and institutions to target customers, providing innovative, tax relief and financial planning services company restructuring.

Royal Holdings (ROGP) Shares

  • Legacy Trust Company, as Trustee of the Trust AGL, took hold Amazon Gold Limited Royal Holdings (ROGP) share capital of 1,000,000,000 (1,000,000,000) ordinary shares.
  • ROGP stock (International Securities Identification Number CUSIP: 78075G100) listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange OTC Bulletin Board.Restricted shares (RSU) is a kind of reward type of shares, but the company's stock is not issued immediately. Restricted shares after the waiting period (twelve months) ends, the trustee assigned the value of the shares to the trust members.

AGL Trust

  • Legacy Trust Company as trustee, is responsible for maintaining the beneficiary (or "trust member") and the commercial interests of the administration of the Trust. Fiduciary responsibility as a member of the Trust;The purpose of the trust is to AGL AGL trust members of liquidity in the stock redemption;The company intends to let the future decide AGL unit trusts EDITION trading on the Singapore Exchange (SGX-ST), this way, it can provide an easy entry point for investors.

Transactions between members

  • Buyer and seller to negotiate ROGP shares beneficial ownership transfer.Internet seller to Legacy Trust Account page and open a new sales orders, fill in the transaction related information. For example, trading items (ROGP shares), the value that the buyer account numbers, and other additional information or instructions.

  • Transaction notification is sent to the buyer and trust managers. Buyer injection of funds or debit cash deposits to the trust accounts to purchase shares of that value.After the buyer confirm the transaction details, click on the "I Agree" (or similar terms) button to agree to the transaction, and the next step.The Buyer agrees that the implementation of the order will be sent to the Trust Manager, for final processing.After completion of the transaction, the transaction confirmation letter will be sent through the ITS system for buyers and sellers, and both accounts will be presented the latest balance value.

AGL trust account settings

  • If you personally to set up trust accounts, this step does not apply; if you set up online accounts, shall be printed before the account successfully set up, sign and send the relevant documents to the Trust Manager. Electronic disclosure and consent legally binding electronic disclosure and consent is legally binding, but you still need to complete the anti-money laundering program and provide additional government-issued photo identification (such as passport or identity card), as well as proof of residence. The trustee did not receive all the relevant documents before your trust account can not be completely effective.
  • Once the application is accepted the trust manager, you can have a new trust account. Then, just wait a few days to a few weeks, let your manager handle the files. Today accelerate efficiency, it may only take a few minutes to complete the entire processing program.
  • After successfully opening the account, the beneficial ownership certificate will be sent to you to prove ownership of your assets (including ROGP shares) in the trust account.By knowing yourself trust in the face of what is actually quite easy to set up trust accounts. Ready to complete the required steps

Comprehensive Trust System ( "ITS")

  • Legacy Trust Company of the ITS system provides the Trust members today innovation, with the times of the trust account management tools.Let you whenever using the Internet, you will be able to sign in ITS systems, use the following services.You can stay up to date their own trust account.In just a few minutes, you can know the latest status of the account to complete the transaction (such as the transfer of assets within the trust) - Facilitation, allows you to easily save time.ITS system offers a variety of online trust account management services to help you better manage assets. And the company will sequentially adding more and more new online asset management services, allowing you to easily finance.

  • In addition to the daily product fees and charges, the use of ITS systems and services do not require an extra charge.
Asset safety and security of members of the

  • On the strength of the safety and security of assets, the investment structure are not all created equal.Want no worries, hold your assets trustees must be registered and in good standing. ROGP as depositary shares, Legacy Trust Company is granted custody of a registered trust assets.

  • Legacy Trust Company and Marathon Capital Management (Marathon Capital Management Limited) to provide oversight for the Lord, rigorous policies and procedures, and internal controls in place. As the Hong Kong Government registered entities, the company must maintain certain policies and for the protection of customers and to comply with strict procedures.
  • Legacy Trust Company and Marathon Capital Management (Marathon Capital Management Limited) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity within the row, with the highest business standards for the protection of the best interests of the Trust assets and membership efforts.
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2016-03-10 Read Article |

FAQ: The Published SEC List of Beneficial Owners
Published on March 10, 2016 16:15


Why are the number of shares allotted to me different from the number of shares from my Membership account?

A1 Short answer:

"The allotments currently listed on the Edgar Site are incomplete, partial allotments only, please disregard the share totals listed there until the process is completed after May 1 2016"

A2 More detailed answer:

"Shares are being issued from each certificate, based on consolidated membership positions (including all nominee accounts) on a pro rata basis. Once all certs are issued and split, the number will match the total consolidated allotments per the master member list. Shares of each of the certificates being split are being allotted on a pro rata basis, therefore the positions can only be calculated in reverse by understanding what accounts have been consolidated."

"The Current SEC list contains the pro rata allotments for all of the intended Beneficiaries on the master members list as is legally required under SEC Rules. Any Intended beneficiaries who have not claimed their shares by completing the sign up will be struck from the register in amended filings on or shortly after May 1 2016. Only at that time will these lists accurately reflect the actual aggregate final Beneficiary positions, and then only when the allotments under each certificate are added together for each consolidated beneficiary account."

"As the current list represents all intended beneficiaries, including any nominee accounts they hold, all beneficiaries should disregard any positions reflected in these filings as none of these allocations are final until after amended final lists are filed after May 1 2016."


Why has Legacy released the names of the intended beneficiaries of the Trust to the SEC.


It is legally required that the trustee disclose the names of the beneficiaries. As the Trustee holds the shares for beneficial owners rather than for their own benefit, failure to submit this required information within the required timelines would be a breach of SEC rules and would cause serious problems for both the trustees and the ultimate beneficial owners.

* SEC means the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.