By iwatch on March 23, 2015

Liquidator/s Appointed
SPONE LIMITED was put into Liquidation on the 23 Mar 2015 by 241(2)(a) - Special Resolution of Shareholders.


23b, Plimsoll Road, London, N4 2EN, United Kingdom
Liquidator details:

Phone: +64 215 4761

Email: admin@chapmanatkins.co.nz

Address: C/- Level 20, Pwc Tower, 188 Quay Street, Auckland

Click on the Company name to view Companies Office Documents, and / or Liquidator reports.

A company can be placed into liquidation in one of the following ways:
  • 241(2)(a): Through a 'Special Resolution of Shareholders' including Solvent Liquidations; or
  • 241(2)(b): A decision of the 'Board of Directors" of the company following an event specified in the company constitution to cause liquidation; or
  • 241(2)(d) A 'Creditors Resolution Passed at Watershed Meeting'; or
  • 241(2)(c): The High Court makes an order following an application to the 'Court' by either the company, a director, a shareholder or a creditor of the company; or
  • '283(8): Vacancy in Office', an existing Liquidator resigns and is replaced.
For more information on the Liquidation process, go to Companies Act Part 16

* Director details as listed by the New Zealand Companies Office at the time of posting of this notice, and may have changed since.

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