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9 Aug 2015 Royal Holdings Australia road show showroom _wmxz110_ Sina blog

Royal Holdings Australia road show announcements Royal Holdings Australia road show announcements (2015-08-09 14:33:21)


Founded in 2006, the Group is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, since its inception, the continuous expansion of its industrial assets and the investment involves a number of areas of financial markets, mining, agriculture, real estate, hotels and other resorts.

Asia is already the fastest speed, largest assets, operations span the broadest, the most rapid development momentum of world-class brands. Group and in 2011, in the US mid OTC market (OTCBB) is publicly traded under the symbol "ROGP" Royal Group's Royal Mining Holdings Group (RMC) business "RMC Gold Project" located in Peninsular Malaysia Gilan Dan "Golden Mile discovery" in Malaysia Sokor Kelantan has mining rights and franchises a production gold and four other gold deposits. The mine is currently in production and operation, its gold mines covering an area of 5000 acres (approximately 20,235,000 square meters), the total amount of development will be more than 50 tons of gold, worth about 20-30 million US dollars.
Currently the United States in accordance with the requirements of the Nasdaq, has been gradually improving every aspect of pre-IPO; Royal Holdings, Royal Mining, AGL Amazon gold companies every move by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority specifications.
For equity investments in terms of corporate profits to stockholders and the community the best return, of course, it is the only profitable business for investors the most secure enterprise here as issuers AGL Amazon Gold, we will strictly control risk and security of assets, and the pursuit of rational growth of investment profits. Under the premise to ensure the safety of funds to create the most significant capital appreciation for investors, giving investors a stable return on investment.

Royal Holdings scheduled for February 26, 2016 rotation plate NYSE, the company has completed all the preparatory work prior to listing, and will hold various roadshows in the global summit. First stop: July 5, 2015 in Penang, Malaysia roadshow has ended:

Royal Holdings Australia road show announcements     

 August 7, 2015 19:30 pm Friday: by the Royal Holdings and China Resources co-sponsored by South Korean artist BIGBANG will be held in Shenzhen, China Resources Shenzhen Bay Sports Center "Spring Cocoons" stadium

Royal Holdings Australia road show announcements      

Royal Holdings Australia road show announcements

Royal Holding Group Profile
         Royal Holdings (Royale Globe Holding Inc.) is a company in the US mid-market publicly traded OTC under the symbol "ROGP", is an integrated, diversified gold mining investment holding company. The company is committed mergers higher productivity, greater potential mining areas. ROGP gold project name "RMC Gold Project", located in Peninsular Malaysia Kelantan "gold discovery zone" in. The mine currently in production operation, ROGP planned production capacity of the mine to invest, in order to rapidly increase the productivity of the mine.

Imperial Holdings has injected mining real estate projects:

1.RGF real estate development projects, and its Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange listed company Roxy meters (Milux Coporation BHD);
2. The gold mining company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, Jincheng Mining Group (Citigold Corp Ltd) 11.78% stake;
3. Indonesia's East Kalimantan, to acquire a reserve mine 1.3 million karats of diamonds, including JORC certificate. (It is docked).
4. Royal Holdings, a subsidiary of which the United States OTCQB publicly traded company Dili Granville Enterprise Group (Imperial Plantation Corporation, Code: IMPC) has five agricultural projects will inject 1. aloes, 2 wood Department, Chinese caterpillar fungus 3, 4 bananas,... 5. ginger.

5. five more than forty thousand hectares over 200 large agricultural processing plants to the ground state in Indonesia plus Belitung area.

Invited to a meeting with the President July 12 by senior Royal Indonesian President (JOKO WIDODO), the Indonesian president will also witness, Indonesia Union rural cooperatives, Dili Granville Enterprise Group (IMPC), Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. in the Chinese food industry and Group (final buyer, Wal-Mart Walmart) project signing ceremony.

      Royal vision occurs even see the global United Nations can not solve a major crisis in 3-5 years, and that is famine! That crisis opportunities, Royal Holding another strike out vigorously started farming, such as cassava, fruit, banana starch production and manufacturing in Indonesia will set up 200 factories! 5 min, 20 years to complete. In India Lycian East Kalimantan region to acquire a reserve mine 1.3 million karats of diamonds, including JOGC certificate.
     This year, eight projects inject Royal Holdings, the company six months ago will be very hard on the motherboard-based systems are set up, the next six months, the company will be incorporated into all projects eleven docking Royal Holdings Performance project, all shareholders holding Royal after another two months will receive good news on the company and announcements.
     Second stop: Australia roadshow will be held in September 2015 No. 23 held on time in Gold Coast, Australia

Royal Holdings Australia road show announcements

1. When is the company to be listed ? Why can say that the listing on the market, listing standards Why ?

Announcement time to market for 2016 Nian 2 Yue 26 date.
All investment projects, visioning have time-table, the NYSE is the world
Stock Exchange, while accepting foreign companies listed, but the listing requirements than the United States
More stringent domestic companies, including:
A. The number of shares held by the public is not less than 250 million shares;
B. There are 100 the number of shareholders more shares of not less than 5,000 names;
C. The company's stock market capitalization of less than 1 million;
D. The company must be in the last 3 Ge fiscal consecutive profitable years, and not less than in the last year of 250 million dollars, less than two years before the year 200 million dollars in the last year or not less than 450 million dollars, 3 years a total of not less than 650 million dollars;

E. net tangible assets of the company not less than 1 million;
F. the company's management and operation of a number of requirements;
G. other relevant factors, such as the relative stability of the company-owned industry, the company position in the industry, the company's products market, the company's prospects, the public interest in the company's stock, etc.
2. ROGP 's what industry ?
 A. ROGP ( Real Holdings )

B. the RMC Mining ( mining projects )
C.RGF LAND ( real estate development projects )

D. of IMPC ( Dili Granville Enterprise Group )
 RMC Mining Royal Mining Group's future acquisition plans PlannedAcquisition Projects

1. diamond : diamond mining 260 Wan Kela , worth 10 billion dollars ( including JORC certificate )
2. GOLD : Gold Mining 1100 Wan Angsi , worth 110 billion dollars ( including JORC certificate )

3. Manganese : manganese mining area of 41,000 hectares
  RGF land real estate development projects PropertyDevelopment
1. Boutiquehotel Boutique Hotel : By sharing , the total value of up to 3000 million dollars
2. IOND'ELEMEN Jiu Xiao Ming Court ( construction ): development of a total value of up to . 6 billion per day
3. To FRASERSWORLD ( construction ): development of a total value of up to 3.5 of 5 billion per day
4. The ROYALEMETRO the CITY ( Planning ) integrated development project
5. Genting second quarter, five-star hotel ( planned ): development totaled $ 10.5 billion per day

6. KLCC Bukit Bintang residential ( planned ): the development of the total value of 15 billion per day
7. The SMARTINTEGRATED the GLOBAL the CITY, Hatyai Hat Yai, Thailand Intelligent integrated urban development
( Planning ): Value 100 billion per day
8. The new town development plan : green University City - Koreatown / China Town / Taiwan City / Japantown
  Wei Di enterprise groups IMPC, is expected to surpass ROGP10 times the value MORE THAN TEN TIMES ROGP'S VALUE
1. Biotechnology plantation company

2. regional agricultural development

a. Agarwood planting : 30 Wan Ke * USD2,000 = 6 billion dollars

b. Cordyceps planting : Research has begun tissue culture

c. Cassava ( Planning ) It can be used for cooking , alcoholic beverages , ethanol bio-fuel , detergent and pharmaceutical
d. Teak ( Planning ): per cubic meter worth 1, 500 dollars

. e banana-growing industry ( Planning )
 3. To ROGP why its subsidiary investment companies and some information on the Internet is a shell company ?
  Backdoor listing is common in the capital markets, the company had no backdoor of any project,

Therefore, the network found in very low stock price is reasonable, the assets and investment projects to be filled eleven
After that, its value will be gradually reflected.
 4. After listing all the people want to sell shares in cash, as well as the value of the stock do ?

  If everyone sold stock, stock prices will naturally drop, so in order to protect all
Interests of shareholders, the company may use one of two operating modes :
(1) by way of the first business trust listed in Singapore, one can cash transactions in Singapore, on the other hand the United States will not have ROGP shares were adversely affected.

(2) after the listing of investment by previous order, schedule the phased payment of a fixed percentage of the number of shares to investors, serve to reduce the selling pressure on the market, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the share price.
  ROGP separately purchased directly ROGP IPO, the return on investment is listed cash, is expected to market a conservative price of 35 dollars -40 dollars!

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Contact phone micro letter:  15271389416

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Mission to NYSEY

(3) Mae Lim - Mission To NYSEY✌✌✌
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倒数一天,一场被受世界瞩目的盛大新加玻游艇展【Yacht Show Singapore 2014】
【MAXIM Trader】不惜重金赞助百万新币协助打造一场高贵奢华的游艇展,必定震撼你的视觉感官。马胜金融也派出五架私人转机载送来自世界各地的VVIP投资商。同时,马胜也细心地出动数量百万名车和一群训练有素的保镖护送富豪们。更不容错过的是,马胜也安排一艘豪华游艇让重量级投资商上船体验非一般的奢侈生活!非常荣幸的我们马胜新山团队的努力征服了老板们,并且发出VVIP门票让我们有机会参与并且亲身感受这场意义非凡的盛典!

Countdown one day, a world attention was affected by the grand new plus bosons yacht exhibition (Bicycle Show Singapore 2014)
In our long neck forward pin under finally opened!!
The principal sponsors horse wins financial group
(Maxim Trader) at costly sponsored a million new credits help build a noble luxury yacht, the exhibition will shock your visual aesthetics. Ma wins financial also sent five private transfer transfers from around the world vvip investors. At the same time, horse wins too careful in the number of moving cars mn and a bunch of trained bodyguard escort regal us. Certainly not miss the chance of winning horse, is also arranged a luxury yacht let heavyweight investors aboard experience non-General of the luxury life! We are very honoured to have the new horse wins the efforts of team hill conquered the bosses, and issued a VVIP tickets for giving us the opportunity to participate in the excitement and this means a lot of the ceremony!


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