I’ve previously written about www.FXunitedexplained.com, a website put together by a Sydney based lawyer, which has been quite insightful and I must thank him for putting up some very useful information particularly how he funded his investment.

The blogger does note his concern and perceived risk regarding sending funds to the Czech Republic, concerns that appears to be quickly mitigated by his new friends and counsel. This is an important tipping point. Because what should be a series of almost insurmountable red flags are quickly swept away. Here are some of the key flags;

  1. Your introducers are from Malaysia.
  2. They want you to use a HK Money Services Supplier.
  3. Your money is in Aussie Dollars.
  4. The investment is US$
  5. The HK group’s bank account is in the Czech Republic.
  6. You are asked to send your money in Euros.
  7. The Czech Republic currency is NOT Euros

But the comfort of others got him over the line and focused back on the path to financial freedom.
This in fact is an important tipping point. Its likely that most of those that were making the investment for the first time would experience a similar concern, which would be dealt with in the same way. You raise your concern with the person/people you have access to. Its not just because they state it worked for them, its far more than that, they get validation by you joining the growing crowd, they have a vested interest in maximising your confidence to continue to take larger positions not only from the residual income but also to protect their existing investments.

Once an investor passes this point then you then become one of them, and the next person that comes along that has the same issues will be given the same support, comfort and encouragement….and the crowd becomes larger it becomes more compelling

The Invoice
Lets have a closer look at the ridiculously poor quality invoice provided.

Part 1:
Lets look the following items;

The purpose of the funds are "Payment of Invoice"
So from the banks perspective, the depositor is paying money that is owed to another party.
Global Transaction Services (HK) Limited
The beneficiary is clearly stated, so the bank is satisfied that the money is making payment to GTS(HK) in satisfaction of the obligation that has been invoiced.
Reference number "9120284456"
This reference number - is not related to the depositor there is no link to the invoice or the investor.
BUT it would be related to the FXU party facilitating the fraud.

The investor/depositor has completely disconnected himself from his money. As far as the bank is concerned he has just settled an obligation to GTS (HK) an entity that he has no contractual relationship with.

He just washed his own cash for a party who he has no idea who they are.

Aussie dollars, Euro’s, Korana’s & any currency BUT USD

Its worthwhile noting that one of the money service providers is Perfect Money, also interesting is a reference in the blog to the reason that the investor while in Australia where we have AUD, he is making an investment in USD, but the transfer is being done in Euro’s because the bank is in Europe.

Well that perhaps would make sense if banks only accepted the function currency of the jurisdiction in which the branch is located. But doesn’t help the rationale in any event as the Koruna is the local currency not the Euro. Perhaps the following article sheds some light on the actual reason (Liberty Reserves falls, Perfect money rises);

Part 2 ….stay tuned

Global Transaction Services…..the story gets interesting….