The CNMV warns about the Valencian firm JD Business Capital

what in slang is called 'financial beach bar'

The CNMV warns about the Valencian firm JD Business Capital: it cannot provide investment services

LUIS A. TORRALBA. 06/23/2015 The regulator alerted yesterday about this company, whose website mysteriously disappeared after the call of this newspaper, for not being registered in its database

VALENCIA. At 12:35 yesterday, the writing of this newspaper received an email from the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) where it warned of two companies that are not empowered to provide investment services, that is, what in the jargon is known as' financial beach bar ' .

The supervisory body warned of New York Securities Bank (NYSB) / NYSB Fund Management ( ), linked to Diego González Alonso and Jocelyn Patricia Smith Cortes; and of JD Business Capital ( ), domiciled in Valencia - specifically on San Vicente Street, 83-, which was not registered with the supervisor and, therefore, cannot provide investment services.


Quickly Valencia Plaza contacted through the mobile phone that was on the JD Business Capital website - where no name appeared to whom to go - to know its assessment. The response of the interlocutor on the other side of the line was very sharp and very concise, surprised to communicate the news: "That they explain to me the reason for that because we have everything in order. I have nothing more to say."

The funny thing is that a couple of hours later, the JD Business Capital website disappeared through the art of birlibirloque. " It is a common practice among the 'financial bars' that once they detect that they have been discovered they try to eliminate any trace, " they point out from a stock exchange intermediary table consulted by this newspaper. However, Valencia Plaza was able to take a screenshot of the web before being deleted ... or temporarily be out of order.

Just take a look at the attached image to get an idea of ​​the intentions of this company when it comes to attracting investors, since they offer "services aimed at people, companies or institutions that want to obtain an annual return of between 20% and 30% . " Almost nothing and more with interest rates currently practically at 0%.

Of course, when looking at the returns obtained by "the team of independent traders" - as read on the right side of the photo - some mysterious X appear. " It is more of the same and only those who still believe that someone gives hard to four pesetas sting , so better before falling into the hands of the 'financial bars' better contact the CNMV.


Unlike the companies authorized to provide investment services (securities companies and agencies, portfolio management companies, EAFI, banks, savings banks ...), which are subject to the regulations governing securities markets and controls by The CNMV and Banco de España, the 'financial beach bars' are also not attached to the Investment or Deposit Guarantee Fund, so investors are not protected in case of insolvency of the unauthorized entity.

On the other hand, Article 13 of the Securities Market Law recommends that the CNMV ensure the protection of investors by promoting the dissemination of any information necessary to achieve this purpose, which is why it issues these warnings. And, in fact, it has a section on its website warning about unauthorized companies .

But, in addition, it is highly recommended to visit the Guide section of the CNMV where there is precisely one dedicated exclusively to the 'financial bars' , as can be read by clicking here.


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