1 November 2019

People are the Key to USG

After being awarded the Best Executions Broker in Australia by the European, USG Group CEO, Mr Shay Zakhaim, was asked to reflect upon the group’s success and philosophy. In a wide ranging interview Mr Zakhaim gave an insight into the underlying principles of the USG business model and why it has risen to a trusted global brand in the world of USG.

Mr Zakhaim emphasised that USG’s rise from humble beginnings was deliberately steady. The group did not want to grow too fast too quickly and lose sight of being able to provide proper quality service to its clients. Much time, and effort has been expended in getting the right people into the right places, ensuring that the delivery of service and products was not compromised.

USG’s growth in stature has occurred at the same time as there has been greater regulation and control placed on the Forex and CFD industry. Mr Zakhaim sees the growth of regulation and the requirements to comply with these regulations as a good thing. "The rules are there to help provide a safer environment for traders and investors and basically makes our life easier," he said, also noting with a wry smile that it is good to have those who do not choose to comply with the regulations removed from the marketplace. USG maintains a global compliance desk that oversees all local compliance desks at each office. The system is working well according to the CEO.

With the global brand now established and USG being granted a UK Financial Conduct Authority licence allowing the establishment of a London office, the time was right for USG to branch out into major sports sponsorship. The aim from USG’s perspective was to build brand awareness worldwide. After some negotiation and conversations with several major sports franchises, USG chose to Sponsor the Sheffield United Football Team. The sponsorship deal is an exciting one from both party’s perspective and will fill the vital role of enhancing the group’s brand awareness on a global scale.

Asked to reflect upon what being awarded the best executions broker in Australia meant, Mr Zakhaim was understandably proud of the contribution made to the group by his people. "It is great recognition for our people," he said noting that manpower makes the difference and supporting clients is the key to ensuring success. On a personal level, Mr Zakhaim admitted to being proud of the company’s success and saw this latest award as certifying that to a degree.

Looking forward, Mr Zakhaim sees continued growth and a bright future for the group. The group will continue to invest in the best and newest trading tools while maintaining its emphasis on delivering quality service to traders and investors. The group is currently working on two or three projects to deliver better service and is always looking to provide its clients with the most advanced trading systems available.

With an office established in London and a presence being developed in South Africa, the brand of USG built on hard work and good people is set to become even more well known on a global scale.

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USG Group is an international group, regulated and licensed in multiple jurisdictions:

USG AU is an ASIC regulated Broker and holds an Australian Financial Services License (No. 302792), with the company headquartered in Sydney.

USG UK is an FCA regulated Broker and holds a Financial Conduct Authority License (No. 798776), with the company headquartered in London.

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