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Global Transaction Services

Global Transaction Services LLC is a US licensed financial institution regulated by the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance.

Look at our license and go to to check us out.

We specialize in money transmission and foreign exchange services for international trading businesses and those that provide financial services to them. The management team of GTS has unique experience in the provision of structures, web-based technology, and the definition of processes for financial service providers throughout the world. GTS itself is the culmination of those experiences: bringing innovation to the largest economy in the world where, surprisingly, making international payments and cross-currency transactions is still fraught with difficulties.

GTS can help corporations worldwide, of all sizes, cultures and product specialization to limit the risks inherent in international activity on which the world’s economy increasingly depends.

Our unique approach will simplify your corporation’s business decision processes and improve profitability by:

– Removing or reducing the cost of currency exchange
– Removing or reducing your risk of loss on exchange
– Increasing security by ensuring that you know as soon as possible when payments are made or funds are available
– Making it rapid, easy and cost effective to transfer funds around the world in any currency
– Managing your own pre-paid or debit card program to gain better control over international company expenses
– Giving you total visibility and control over all international transactions using Epsilon’s money transmission software

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