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Facts of Fortress Fund, which boasts an overwhelming performance


Order to obtain information about the EA and signal, probably because you have registered Eamil address to various sites overseas, comes well a variety of guidance recently. Its Some noticeable's is in, Fortress Fund made PAMM solicitation of began to come from around October of this year.

If you look at the performance of myfxbook, it shows a quite intense growth in the following manner. (※ lower side of the image will jump to the performance page of Forex Verified.)

We decided to try a little studied since sprung interested a little. If, if there are those who are coming are similar assistance, we hope to reference.


The Fortrss Fund?

Well, this is Fortress Fund, but since has not been much discussed in the beginning, let's look at the basic information. Sent to come mail brochures, such as the following have been attached. It looks like a decent place that in its own way.

(You can download)

Fortress Fund is like in the fund, which started operating in 2012, and buying and selling by using a system that uses the systematic technical systematic fundamental market information, make a profit. Terms and conditions relating to investment are as follows.

  • The minimum deposit amount: 3,000USD (about 360,000 yen)
  • Fee: 15% on a monthly basis of the high-water mark method (for the highest rate of return surpassed part of until now) ※ If 10,000USD more than 12%
  • Client while maintaining the deposit of ownership in the account of the default of the broker, Fortress Fund side has the trade access rights. Anytime drawer possible.
  • Currency pairs trading is EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, USDCAD

××% with respect to the absolute revenue So, if profitable fee payment does not occur. In that sense, the risk of being traded to enhance the excessively frequency of trading is unlikely.

For more information about home page of this Fund Fortress About Fortress If you look at, has been involved in the operation in seven of the team, we are based in Europe. It seems to be winning the award, such as the following from the excellence of the performance.

It looks was firm in its own way there is also brochures and website as long as you look up here, I do not Some people may think that even kana looks good look at the situation with deposit if about 3,000USD.


Full of FortessFund in Usan smell in slapped - together

However, it has led to the conclusion that it is not in the previous enough to credit in about eventually 30 minutes If you look one way. Also confirmed such as FPA, it seems to be no doubt. We did not even have one hour .... Bother we try to make a booklet in, such as PDF, but I was able in particular website is determined that the coarse many immediately SCAM.

But I think system buying and selling history of the FX is sensitive longer human, I this industry will really become disgusting and ... too much can often be a lot of SCAM. In recent years, there is a case of fake well as real account performance of myfxbook. Amid media that can fully trust is becoming less, the user it has has become necessary to wear the power to self-defense.

Well, to return to the right course, especially one of my easy to determine the SCAM it is relatively easy to have been operational in favor of foreign EA and services such as means image search is. Kano Doug Ptice EA and Matsu formula EA In SCAM, such as, or give a sense of security to the user, in order to inflame the gambling mind, or put a photo of the model is cool, it had posted an image such as a luxury apartment There, it was that all these were unauthorized citation.

As mentioned in this example, when will consider the investment in the new FX, other reviews search in the FPA, etc., unexpectedly comes immediately out rag and to search by image. Where you do not have a legitimate business is often if you have a plagiarism of the image.

The same in this FortressFund, for example About FortressFund page of

The center of the image plate that FortressFund is decorated in, gives the impression that the operation is being carried out in a respectable office. However, if this is the image search,

All only plate in the same configuration is different Brazos Investment will be searched the office image of PE fund that (here is the real thing). It is quite poor and only replaced the signboard just. This only at once here it is obvious that it is not in the previous enough to credit.


Suspiciously of the Fortress Fund, which is pointed out in the various user

In addition to the above Forex Peace Army is in such as has been pointed out suspicious points some.

  • The exchange rate is far from the reality which flows on the home page
  • Knight Capital in at least 2013 years to determine from the track record of this fund ought to have founded, but the user's reputation is not seen only a relatively new ones such as fiscal 2015. Moreover, there is in probably unregistered trader
  • If you look at the fund of trading symbol, those trading the currency pair is other than 5 currency pairs than those listed above is too much
  • There is a high possibility that Awards that are displayed (award) does not exist
  • A similar guide in the name, such as London Fx Fund and Hedge Fund is from an earlier, all is a SCAM

And so on.

Certainly, without disclosing any trading history, the currency pair to be trading seen in the Forex Verified is completely haphazard as follows.

Furthermore, from the part of the user it was also seen writing, such as not returned money can not drawer. Apparently while the terms of the MAM contract holds the position has been written and can not be pulled out, yet it seems to hold endlessly position. It is terrible. In addition, it possesses an account Knight Capital is nowhere without the description of the registered countries and license information.

Of FPA dedicated thread and review page of Knight capital Looking at the absolute users and to defend the Fortress Fund but does not upload the evidence, there are also many comments that grow able to have, likely lurks a certain level officials also FPA is.

Although it seems as if no longer have those who spend money anymore to this fund if it turns out to here, but please be careful all means those who are coming are similar guided by the Japanese users like.